He Sees You. He Sees Through You.

He sees you and sees through you. This is the sum total of your existence before God.

He sees you is an obvious statement. He knows your heart and your soul. He knows when you have found your strength to soldier on and He also knows when you are temporarily stalled. He hears your calls to Him and He knows your strengths and fears.

You are not able to hide any of yourself from Him for He sees you, all of you.

Then, He sees through you. He sees life as you see it. He knows who is in need of Him and who is there for others. He knows when you approve of them and He also knows when you feel they could be trying harder.

The reality of life is that God not only is aware of you and how you feel at any moment in time but He also knows how you look at others. We don’t always realize the second premise. We often feel that we are viewed by God and we are on our path, healing, grieving, helping others, self-absorbed… But we also are known to God for how we view others. Do we help, understand, judge, empathize, scorn…

We are seeking our own absolution but do we understand that our soul success includes our view on the world and the people we see? We have spent far too many years feeling responsible only for ourselves. It is time now to accept the we are responsible for so much more. Our success is not a snapshot in time. Our success is a woven landscape of ourselves and the people we love, heal, pray for, understand, honor and support. The darkened areas of our landscape are the times we see fit to treat someone as less than ourselves.

We did not enter into this incarnation to stand alone as an island. We came here to interact with others and learn from them, positive or negative. There have been many lifetimes when you were the one who wallowed in self-pity, refused to heal, was overwhelmed by grief, became addicted to substances, was abused or was an abuser, or damaged those you loved. We all were at similar intersections in many lives. We also needed someone to care. By judging others you are also judging yourself when you were held down by similar circumstances.

Look upon yourself and others with love and understanding. We are all in this realm to experience, learn, grow and teach. Understand your life by viewing yourself and by the way you view others. In this perspective we feel compelled to behave as spiritual leaders. Above all value or judgment. We must reach the level of maturity in which we can accept all others for where they are in life and resist our need for them to be more like us.

We must pray for our own blessing and for their blessing as well. We cannot succeed if others around us don’t.

It may seem too much to ask. It may also seem unattainable, but we must try. Think of all great spiritual leaders in history and strive to be known among them. This is your calling. You were brought to this site for a purpose. God will tutor you through me and we will “be ONE” and “be DIVINE” together.

I have seen many great leaders throughout time. You have, by far, the most potential and raw ability. Why? Because even Jesus had constrictions of time and location. His word was verbal or written and had to be sent from place to place, sometimes losing it’s poignancy. You have advances in technology that allow you to touch people the world over. There is great wealth available to you and many great leaders who only hope to support and assist you in this spiritual cause.

Feel steady in your grace and potential. No one will cast more love and light than you and I feel an overwhelming honor in being a part of your great works. Loosen the chains of judgment and disdain. Show only love and acceptance for those you will eventually lead to the Temple of God. You may not have realized your true purpose. Here it is now spoken and you only have to step into the temple of your faith and take your rightful place.

You will lead and follow. You will also leave a great body of work in your wake. Be proud and step forward. I will lead you to your temple of great faith and we will minister to others in need. You are that important to me. We will do great work in the name of God for He sees you and He sees through you. And so do I.


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