Open To Grace

Breathe deeply and ALLOW. KNOW that all is well and God does provide.

Sit quietly and become lost in remembrance. Allow your mind to linger and dwell. Remember all good times spent with loved ones passed and present. What were the best times and what were the events and relationships that molded who you are?

While being still, recall your life from as far back as you can remember. What are you thankful for? When did you feel safe and loved? Who gave you some of the important aspects of your being?

Always know that even the most difficult and trying relationships are some of the greatest teaching moments. You knew who you wanted to be and what you wanted to represent. You did as you lived or you did the opposite. Either way, life taught you.

Release the difficult relationships. Acknowledge that you have learned and express gratitude for the lessons. Without this contrast, your life would not hold so much knowledge and volume.

Embrace the good times and wonderful memories. Keep the joy and love flowing. Allow the positive and beautiful days to overshadow the rest. Why? Because you are still here and moving forward. You may have not realized that negativity has been one of your great teachers. Be at peace and move on.

This holiday season is about grace, love and celebration. Be content with who you are and be eager for the lessons that life continues to hold.

Be with God. Be one and the same with Christ. Understand the meaning of these days and celebrate this life as but one gift that God has bestowed upon you. From here forward, vow to do good, be good and help others. We are here to do God’s Will. There is no greater existence than this.

Honor the anniversary of the most auspicious birth. Know that you have been taken care of and vow to pay this grace forward. Continue to join in the flow of God and Divinity. You have much to do and much to learn. You are christened a Light Worker and We are so very proud of you.

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