Energies Are Brighter

Energies are brighter and more jubilant. Many of you have finished much of your holiday activities and now have more time to relax.

You are still shielding yourself against upset, friction and miscommunication. Please don’t expect upset when gathering with friends and family. According to the Law of Attraction you will invite upset because you are expecting it.

Relax and enjoy your time of holiday and celebration. Things will be forgotten or missed, that is ok. You may misspeak or stumble over some words, that is ok too. Feeling trapped by misfortune is not ok.

Release your need to CONTROL everything! No one is that perfect.

What we will discuss today is how to avoid any pitfalls when meeting with family or friends.

1. Do not get angry. Allow everything to roll off of you. Place everyone’s need to upset you and others in perspective. Dysfunction will interfere with your holiday gatherings. Look at each attempt to derail you as a statement about them, not you. Stay strong.

2. Stop overindulging with spending and consumption. We all know why.

3. Redirect your appreciation and joy back to the real reason for the season. Acknowledge the gift of Christ and our eternal absolution. No need to redirect an entire crowd. It is enough in God’s eyes if you say a prayer and have a moment of introspection.

4. It is ok to celebrate in your own way. If you’d rather take a trip, go ahead. If you want to stay at home, that’s ok too. Release your need to respond anyone’s shaming. Be confident that you know how you want to celebrate and be strong.

5. Gifts are necessary if it is known that gifts are necessary. You may ask your host or hostess if gifts will be exchanged, that way you are not caught unaware. Or, if you buy gifts and do not receive any in return, be very upbeat. Express your sadness or embarrassment in private. Be better prepared for next year.

6. Invite angels to every gathering! There will be an unaccustomed grandness to every event. Think of joy, laughter, appreciation and good feelings times 100!

7. Come away from your gathering knowing who is ill, who needs spiritual strength and who is just fine. Plan on saying prayers for everyone. The new baby, the elder aunt, the ill sister… Turn your healing and spiritual wellness outward. They are important to you and you gather with them for your benefit and theirs. “Family” is more than just those related to you.

8. Give a “gift” to another. Donate time or money to charity, a family in need, patients at a children’s hospital, foster families, an animal shelter… Choose one that speaks to your soul.

9. Make sure that children know the story of Christ and understand charity. They will not know if they are not taught. Young ones tend to focus on gifts and parties and may be unaware of God’s Grace and the Gift of Christ. It is an uplifting and heartwarming story that will bring another aspect to the meaning of the holidays.

10. Give, ask, receive. It is about you, me, us and them. This is a global event that will fill your soul to overflowing. Spread love, cheer and gratitude. People don’t even have to “Believe” in order to benefit from your love. God knows no boundaries and grace is available to all.

My deepest love and embrace,

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