Dance With Grace Above and Below

We exist here on earth in physical form. We also exist as a spiritual being when we are on the Other Side. We also act as a guardian host for Mother Earth.

We have many obligations both to Mother Earth and to God. Many of us become focused on one or the other. Spirit would like us to stay grounded and centered to both.

The dance refers to making each day a devotion above and below. Seek skyward for God and His infinite grace and seek below for the power and blessing of Mother Earth. If we find the delicate balance, we will gather great bounty.

The imbalance we fall into is very common. There are many such imbalances in life. We may seek only science and neglect what spirit may provide us with. Or, we seek comfort in crystals but neglect to consider herbs. We may knead the earth and develop a close bond with Her, soil, animals, vegitation and elemental beings, but neglect seeking God and Divine Guides.

This imbalance is ok. Now that you recognize it, it is time to change it.

Do the dance. Raise your hands and look upward for God. Feel His grace and eternal blessing. Then, lower your hands and eyes and feel the power, stability and grace from Mother Earth. Draw the life force from both poles into your being. Keep repeating this visualization until your senses are alive with energy.

Many doors will open. You will be presented with new ideas and consciousness. The emptiness of your Divine and spiritual being will fill in with a much-needed roundness. Don’t retreat. Stand within the glory and drink of improved knowing.

You may repeat this visualization again and fill your being to overflowing.

Once you have become open to the new energies of Mother Earth, God and spirit, focus your healing Light back upon them. To receive love, healing and prosperity, you must be open to giving it.

Establish and nurture this symbiotic connection above and below. Now you may turn your strength, beauty and grace outward into your world. You will shine as God shines. You will give power and strength as Mother Earth gives it. There will be a flow of energy that signifies your ascension and your ability to acknowledge new spiritual ideas that you have not considered before.

To be complete, we must honor our Creator and our Host.

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