To Each His Own

We spend so much time thinking about other people that we often neglect our own needs, plans and spiritual destiny. We each have a written plan and we have set milestones and accomplishments. If we look outside of ourselves too much we may miss the bulk of our own destiny.

You may have children, a spouse, parents or other dependent family members to care for but we must not neglect our own path. We have a role to play in others’ lives as well. If we are delayed or we take a different route then we aren’t fulfilling our role for them.

Think of your path as a straight line ahead of you. Then note that your loved ones have a path that runs parallel to yours. The straight line is constant. Then the ancillary lines involving you and them are finer and intermittent.

If you are stuck due to depression, trauma, substance abuse, abuse of others, dysfunction or any other number of causes, then you are not fulfilling your agreement with many others.

Your path is the most important! Take care of you first then fulfill your obligations to others next.

Each life chart takes an extensive time to create. You charted many blocks, barriers, upset, crises and undermining events for you to overcome. You did not come here to spend a lifetime battling alcoholism. You also did not chart to spend your lifetime being abused or abusing others. Just the same with unemployment, being consumed by a chronic illness or overspending.

God intended for you to find Him and His Glory. To battle and set aside all forms of dark and negative behavior.

Allow others to have their own destiny. Understand that you may have to stand alone at some point in your life. You may have to release control over family members and others close to you. It was not intended for you to carry the burden of others beyond the amount of attention that you pay to yourself.

Don’t lose yourself. Being strong and healthy makes you better able to help others in their time of need. This may be difficult especially when you are the primary caregiver for an elder, disabled person or ailing spouse. It may be more difficult but it is just as important to take good care of you.

Always remember the image of parallel lines. Your line is bold, healthy and strong. It is set directly in front of you and it is expected that you meet goals, overcome conflict and achieve self-actualization. You may now realize that you may have neglected yourself for some time. Perhaps your path has been diverted into the path of others and is minimally existent as yours. Make some changes. Reinvest in your goals and achievements. Stand strong in your identity and be better able to assist others in need.

Don’t spend so much time focusing on what others have or don’t have. Comparisons made between you and them are not productive. Find your Light. Grasp the reigns of your life. Once you have become grounded, centered, cleansed and cleared your path will regain its glory. Beautiful things will come rushing to you and your commitment to someone’s chart will be reinstated and healthy once again.

Giving of yourself will not unfairly drain your Divine energy. Help yourself first then find others who need you but keep your commitment to them in check. They have goals to reach as well.

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