Audra: female guide

(I had many directions given to me this past Sunday. So much that I asked for help to assimilate all of them or at least remember them at a time when I could focus more clearly.
Audra is my current channeling guide. She wants us to put in some effort.)

Beloveds, I have come to see you through this holiday season. This a proud yet daunting task, for many emotions and tumultuous feelings come about this time of year.

My first goal is to remind you that the holidays celebrated by many of us are about God and His decision to send us His only child, in service of us. We veer off course during these holidays. Some of us are lost to the TRUTH more than others.

Lose the sight of red and green, holidays bows and wrapping, and mostly Santa Claus! This has nothing to do with the TRUTH of the season. Celebrations could be trimmed back to foretelling of a Savior being born and the absolution that He brought with him. You really don’t need a manger scene to fully celebrate and comprehend this Holy event.

Time would be better spent gathering with loved ones and sharing stories of faith, miracles and appreciation. Angels also figure into these holidays. Angels not only accompanied Jesus but they also walked ahead of Him to keep him safe and ensure His access to as many faithful that wished to behold Him.

He also wrought punishment on the truly evil and vain. We don’t often hear of this portion of His time here on Earth. Many began to fear Him. Whether they were truly evil or just misguided, this is where the intent to persecute Him began. Dark and negative humans feared His wrath. They felt great fear at what type of retribution that the Son of God could bear down upon them. They tried many times to delay His journey or redirect His trade. Yet, He still came.

It happened just as it was written. The persecution of Jesus gave us unknown bounty and absolution. He proved His identity and left great desolation in the hearts of many.

My second goal is to break your dependence upon futile and irresponsible portrayal of this holiday’s significance. Presents are not necessary. There is no need for a tree or garland. We may wish to share a good meal with our beloveds but the rest of the celebration is seriously misguided.

Do as you wish, but remember that paying homage to God and His Son is the only act we may feel compelled to make.

Thirdly, please make room in your heart to give, volunteer, and devote your life to the service of God.

We experience too many diversions. We have wandered very far away from what life is truly about. Many of us are trapped in the economic-based meaning of life. This is not so! Would the Son of God have been such a simple and humble man if richness and luxury were the goal of human life?

Love matters. Brotherhood is important. Communion with those of like-mind is beneficial. Resist the urge to commercialize the single most important event in our human existence.

Come back to what is simple yet profoundly true. We owe God a great amount of appreciation and gratitude for His sacrifice for our eternity. This happened just as written and our lives are written as well. Make no mockery of our value. Understand our place in humanity and behave accordingly.

“God walks amoung us this day. We have nothing to do but allow ourselves to be open to His grace. Prepare for Him a feast and keep the ceremony simple and true. Our flesh and blood brother made the ultimate sacrifice for us and we shall sacrifice as well, but very pale in comparison. Thank God for the Earth, the sky and the heavens. We want for nothing in the dwelling of God. We will not make light of His devotion to us as represented by this day. Amen.”

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