Have You Been Marvelous Today?


Beauty, grace, joy and LOVE! You are God incarnate and the world awaits all of the wonders that you will bestow upon us.

Why must we look outside of ourselves? What is so important about giving to others when we have so little ourselves? Who decided that I must give and expect nothing in return?

Our Creator, God. We are here to acknowledge and work for God. We did not arrive in this plane to toil for ourselves. We came here to cultivate grace and beauty. We also must rise above any barriers and negativity. But mostly, we must grow toward God.

Look outside of yourself for the true meaning of these holidays. Who needs your attention? Where does your love have the most impact? How much giving is enough?

Do what you can. Even one charitable act a day is just fine. Donate. Volunteer. Be an anonymous benefactor. Whatever you are able to do is exactly what the world needs.

Looking outside of yourself is a good way to relieve some stress. Look out and beyond your everyday life. Breathe deeply and think about how much you have to be thankful for. Don’t keep count. Don’t compete. Release any of these lower thoughts and focus your love outward.

How many beautiful souls do you pass in one day? Maybe you hadn’t noticed. Maybe it is time that you had. We all have things that make us special and valuable. Maybe we do have some layers of turmoil or trouble but there is truly some beauty in all of us.

Send your love out into the world and expect only self-appreciation in return. Love has no requirments or rules to follow. Love only knows to go where we send it. Address it to everyone you see and everyone you know. Don’t hold back! This is a habit that will get easier and stronger every day.

You ARE the beacon that God sees. His love will give you everything that you need since the road goes both ways.

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