Rise Above Self-Protection

Are you feeling sensitive and vulnerable? Do you wince when someone makes statements about you or offers some guidance? Is it just now or does this happen throughout the year?

Confidence and self-assurance will protect you from words that sting. Easier said than done? Yes, for certain. Knowing that you are doing your best and learning from your mistakes is the most that anyone may ask of you.

Self-awareness is necessary for continued success. Resisting the urge to feel wounded from criticism will allow you to accept direction and make positive changes. This is optimal in the workplace when others are in a position to redirect your actions and behavior. Stay strong and be flexible. Do your best to rise above any harmful reactions and work toward meeting the expectations of your superiors.

Accepting supervision is one of the most positive and proactive steps you can take. If you were the supervisor would you want someone to respond to direction with vengeance and negative behavior? No! As a supervisor, it is up to you to improve the work performance of everyone in the department so gossip, browbeating and undermining negativity would work against your goals. Cultivating employees who work well as a team and respond to direction with positive responses would be ideal.

What if the hurtful words were from family, friends or other loved ones? Again, see if there is a morsel of truth to what they say. Is it something that you may need to address? Are they giving you loving and positive direction? It is very possible. It is also possible that they are attacking you and simply do want to hurt your feelings.

In this case it is good to be self-protective and create some distance between you. It is important for you to stay positive and keep moving forward. Look at their words as a reflection of them and where they are in life. Are they jealous? Do they envy what you have? Or, are they always a nay-sayer and seek to diminish anyone’s Light?

Remember what God expects of you. Be positive. Be kind, nice and helpful. Resist any need for gossip, negativity or vengeance. You are responsible for your own behavior. God will notice how you respond to someone who is living a darker, more negative existence.

With the holidays we are attending work, community and family events. The chances that we will come into contact with someone who wants to diminish your existence is increased. Make this year a complete turnaround. Accept everyone at face value and place their words into context. Are they loving and only thinking of you and some improvements you may make? Are they trying to be helpful? Do they not realize that their words may sting a bit?

Then, there is the opposite. Are they sowing darkness wherever they go? Allow their behavior to bounce right off. Look at their life and allow for their emotional limitations. Perhaps there was a time when you also felt sad, lonely, jealous or vindictive. You may also have wanted to hurt someone and bring darkness to their beautiful and successful life. You are above that now. You have come to realize that knowing God IS success and beauty!

You do have the ability to show others only love, joy and celebration! This is the most joyous time of year and we have much to be thankful for.

Shine bright and keep your emotions in check. Quickly rebound from anything that diminishes the joy of each day. Focus upon your own emotions and resist any reaction that will make you appear petty or ungrateful. It truly is possible to give everyone a smile. It may take some practice but the rewards priceless. You gain self-assurance, emotional stability and a Light of your own which resonates with God, Jesus and the Angels above. This IS true success.

Your being outshines all others. Congratulations!

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