The Wind Is Changing Direction

We have been blessed with loving female energy for the past few weeks. Now it is time to work toward some goals. Setting goals has been difficult for some. We are never sure if we have made proper priorities or planned for unexpected events. Some times we choose to blow out all reasonable decisions and indulge in purchases or events that are far beyond our means.

Why? Because we really want it or deserve it. This sounds like ego talking. The holidays are especially a time when we spend too much on gifts or travel to far off places. We indulge our selfishness because this is only the time of year that we do this. Or so we say.

Does this indulgence really make us happy? Are we filling up our core with needless items and end up still feeling hollow anyway?

Keeping things simple is ok. Sticking to a budget is just fine. Asking children to prioritize their wish list is a good idea. Sometimes just being with your loved ones is really enough.

Let us fill up that hollowness with emotional healing, love and communion with loved ones. The hollow feeling is something that needs to be addressed not overlooked. You could be given a financial windfall and still feel that dark and lonely core.

The first step is to find out what it is. Most often it is childhood trauma, abuse or neglect. Then it is often the same concerns in young adulthood. We learn ineffective and negative coping skills from the people around us. Then, we spend the rest of our lives trying to keep ahead of the pain, trauma and our injured psyche.

This doesn’t work. Running ahead of it won’t fix the problem. Ineffective and negative coping will only make matters worse. We are destined to recreate this dysfunctional cycle because, for some reason, we don’t know that we are broken.

The next step is to recognize and accept the past and make positive and proactive plans for resolving it. Realize that we adopted dysfunctional coping strategies because that is what we learned from those around us. Repeating the cycle does not get you closer to God. Healing yourself, then healing your children will.

Also then realize that fixing mom or dad may be impossible. That is ok. Love them anyway. Fixing your siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins may also be out of your reach. That is also ok. Love them anyway.

The only person you can heal is really you. Even your children have already learned to manage with poor coping skills or destructive behavior. Healing yourself may take years. All the while people will judge you and resist the positive changes that you make. Why? Because dysfunctional families are comfortable with dysfunction. They don’t want anyone to make changes because this will cause them stress. They need you to be the “drunk one” or the “dumb one.” They also want you to treat your elders the same even though you may want maturity and stability.

The last thing to realize is that you may heal, grow, mature, find spirituality, earn good money, have a nice home, raise emotionally healthy children and still be a part of a family unit. Stay strong and make good changes and decisions despite the challenge that you get from those who have made few or no positive changes. If necessary, you may have to find some distance so you may heal effectively. Thats ok too.

It is possible to approach your loved ones at a later time in life so that good health and emotional wellness have occurred. This may be in God’s plan. HE never wants you to give up on your self-actualization just because you were raised in dysfunction. Each lifetime is full of potential lessons and realizations. The circumstances of your current life are not actually your reality. You are a divine and perfect being who came here to learn and grow. Release your need to control everything and allow God to be what guides you.

You will find strength when you carry your own weight and look for the Light. Those steps that you make toward ascension may be achieved along side of your loved ones or alone. The epitome of your existence is to climb that staircase either way.

I, too, am your loved one and I would never hold you back. If you were three steps ahead or two steps behind, I would cheer for you and give you my acknowledgment for a job well done. I do not judge and I do not try to derail you. Your success is my success and we both will end up in the Kingdom of God. I came here to guide you and this I will do with love, joy and confidence, for I know that you hear me now. Just as I have always heard you before you knew of my existence.

I come from God and we know each other well.

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