It Feels Like a Dance

(I still have female energy around me. I see a rose gold shower in my mind’s eye and I feel as if I am being spun around by someone loving and beautiful.)

Female Guide:
How can you dance if you are stuck like a tree? Where will life take you if you are stuck and stagnant? Relax and allow life to move you. It is possible to be grounded and centered and still cut a rug!

We are moving into a new age of glamour and nostalgia. All that glitters is gold and you will receive a new shipment of glitter each day. How do you recognize each gift? By removing your emotional attachments and receiving it just for the pure joy of it!

Begin each day without expectations. Be flexible and open-minded. Look at every new idea or event as a blessing and a gift. Humans have a habit of analyzing and over-analyzing each moment in your life. There is very little room for joy and surprises if you beat the magic out of everything!

Dance! Each day is a dance with God, the Universe, fate and free-will. Stay flexible and light-hearted. Now is a time of a rapid influx of Divine energy. It is when we celebrate the coming of Christ and all of the magic and wonder that comes with it.

This season is about joy. It is definitely NOT about computers, electronics, the must-have toys… Even as we celebrate this holiday season we tend to get stuck in our same pain, rituals, sad stories and drama. We feel obligated to say this or do that. We have found ourselves a rut.

Even as we allow some brilliant and Divine energy to bathe us, we again find that rut! It is the same four conversations that we have every year, the same menu, and the same lines that we cross. How do we allow ourselves to stay out of the rut and EMBRACE the Coming of Christ!

Each year plays out much the same as the year before. It is OK to stop the monotony and look upon others with grace. Hear others with the music of angels. Bless your elders with a new energy that God has brought to your celebration. Bathe your day with White and Gold! Kiss the babies and the elders. Open your heart and embrace those same stories and pictures and tales of silly childhood mistakes. You will miss them when they are gone!

Dance! Hold your grandmother and dance! Even if she is no longer able to stand or walk. Embrace the babies and dance! Embrace your surly sister, your over-achieving brother, your maiden aunt. See not the burden of their yearly woe but instead hear their story anew. Smile and say a prayer for them. Bless them as they leave to return to their lives.

How may you be so spiritual? Because all of these relationships, devotion and support, flows from God.

It is like being given a bag of gold to administer as you wish. Give to all you love. Give to those in need. Give to your ancestors and your current family. Give to your community. But mostly, give to the children because they are your future. Now look into the bag. What do you see? Just as much gold as you started with! God’s Love is never-ending. Give it freely and please don’t keep track!

You are the Master of Ceremonies. Maybe you didn’t know. You are working on your spiritual journey. You are fine tuning giving others grace and love. You have begun to heal not only yourself but others as well. You have written words of faith and wisdom. You have gathered with others and spoken words of love. You have embraced spirit and loved ones passed.

You have opened many doors and rightly closed even more. You have seen the sun rise upon many faithful and the sun set on those returning to God. You have made more positive and loving decisions. You have worn the badge of honor and have been both a leader and a follower.

You come from love and you give it freely. You are becoming strong enough to speak about faith. You have been a beacon of hope and others will be drawn to you still.

God has only one concern. Have you seen your strength in faith? Have you accepted the mantle of Light Worker? Have you gazed upon your greatness in the mirror? There is but one step yet to take. God will walk beside you and be witness. You must fulfill your expectation of greatness. Relax and ALLOW. Accept that you have come here to be an example of love, grace, beauty and Divine existence. Accept this and dance!

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