Love is Fragile

Love is fragile. Is it really? It is only fragile when you are centered in ego. True love may leave your being and continue out into the world without a reply and that is perfectly fine. It has more to do with you, your soul and where you are in your spiritual development.

The only NEEDS that you have are of ego, insecurity and expectation.

No one owes you anything. The most difficult lesson to learn is to rely upon yourself for what you need. Begin the difficult trek of knowing that others may not provide you with emotional support. You must fill yourself up with love, respect and understanding. This is the way to avoid feeling unfulfilled, abandoned and lonely.

Do some of your relationships feel one-sided? Do you believe that you are continually giving and caring and anticipating the needs of others? Are those people fulfilling you as well or as much? Likely not.

This is exactly why we must heal, nurture and protect ourselves until we are whole without the input or involvement of anyone else. Once we have reached that stability it doesn’t matter who enters or leaves our lives because we always give ourselves exactly what we need.

Love may be one-sided but God receives what you give. It doesn’t float out into an empty solar system. Your input into the Universe is appreciated and necessary. Do what you love and be grounded in your true identity.

You won’t run out of energy because we learn to receive from God and the Universe so that our cup always runs over. It is impossible to leave yourself spent and empty UNLESS you return to ego, selfishness and greed.

The start of this step is to recognize the loving relationships that you possess that do not require anyone to respond or give back to you. This may be a child, parent or spouse. You give freely and don’t count or keep score. You give of yourself because you have unending love for them.

Now take those boundless emotions and send them out to everyone and everything. Bathe all of your rooms, gardens and community with love and offering. Be certain to avoid expecting something in return. Just love! Love because that is what God wants from you.

Now that you have mastered the art of altruistic giving, it is easier to find others who will give back to you, care for you and nurture you. Why? Because you are whole and you no longer NEED anyone to complete you. This is the Law of Attraction!

Emotionally stable and spiritual people will be drawn to you. You receive what you are: whole, loving and grounded. If relationships start to feel shaky again, reinvest in your confidence and send love out into the world without hesitation. Keep your connection with God and the Divine intact so that you will not run dry of Source energy.

You are beautiful and whole and your radiance will attract others who are “of love.”

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