Humble Traveler

We are all on a lengthy journey. Many of us have found some solace in the lives we have. Some of still feel that there is much missing. How do we proceed if we have made a wrong turn or suffered an unexpected delay? We ask for our Savior and His humble servants to set us back upon our path. Then we must release all of that tension that we carry in unexpected pockets in our human body and flush our disbelief from our human mind.

We are coming upon one of the most blissful time of year. We will soon celebrate the earthly coming of Christ. This one happening has altered our progression for the rest of our existence. We have a manual for gaining entry into Heaven. We have a spiritual road to follow to get us there. We have leaders and teachers and other helpers to answer our questions along the way. So why are we so lost? Because you haven’t committed to it yet.

You spend your time chasing the dollar, a promotion, a new home or car, and an illusion of a perfect family. Where is the spiritualism in that? Questions about your path are so easy that you can’t possibly insist that you don’t know what to do. Do good, be good, volunteer, donate, pray, worship, meditate, heal others… Don’t gossip, steal, lie, manipulate, injure others, bully, destruct property…

It is simple. Do good. Raise your consciousness toward God and thrive. Not a money, power and control thrive but a humble, caring and content kind of thrive. Then, spread that love to your closest family and friends. Then spread it out to your co-workers, community and those less fortunate. Then give a big boost of that love to God and Mother Earth.

Your life is akin to kneading the soil. Start with common dirt and add love, guidance and grace. Continue to knead and add loyalty, scripture and healing. Now that you have made optimum soil add even more love, honor and humility. Give this soil back to God a small bit at a time. Each offering will be richer and more radiant. Continue to knead together all of the good things in life and make another offering to God.

There is never too much love for us and our world. As you work your soil so do you ascend toward Heaven.

It isn’t complicated or unattainable. Bringing Light and love into your life and the lives of others is so simple. You missed many opportunities. You went in the opposite direction many times. You turned inward instead of outward. You chased the gilded idea of prosperity but you may have missed coming closer to God.

That path is still there. Your chart is still unfolding. There are plenty of opportunities to find God and grace again. We will never turn away from you. We are always here and we always want to help. Come to us and we will walk that golden path together.

We will hold hands as we prepare to celebrate the auspicious time of Christ. We will together journey toward the Light at each turn and in response to every question. We will knead our soil with love, remembrance and enthusiasm because the holidays are here! We intend to celebrate, God, Christ, family, our past and our ancestors. Our lives are golden if we would only allow it.

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