Time For Grief? Maybe Not.

It is that time of year again when we tend to feel grief pulling at our hearts. We have lost some loved ones and we long to know that they are well, that they are happy and that they know we are thinking about them. We look at pictures of past holidays and smile at their images.

We have a way of keeping track of how many holidays that we have missed them being here. We often tell stories of memories that we share or hold very dear.

Spirit also will think of us at these times. Holidays are often a time when spirit will visit us! It truly is a time of gathering.

What of our grief? Do we realize that it is ours alone? Do we stop to think that our departed loved ones are very well, happy and living in bliss?

Even as they continue to work on their ascension, they are in a much better place than us! They understand your grief but they hope that you will release it instead of being overcome by it.

Do you ever watch the psychic shows? Has a departed loved one vere said, “I want you to be disabled by the grief you have for me. I don’t want you to live your life fully and I want you to do nothing all day but feel guilt because you never said good-bye to me.” NEVER! Say good-bye to them now. They can hear you. There is never a rule about when you can tell your loved one good-bye. Talk to them as much as you like. Write them a letter each week. Cook their favorite meal and light a candle for them. Celebrate their life any way you wish.

They are well. They want you to remember them in perspective to your full and loving life. Even spouses want you to move on with your life. There may be spouses that wish you to remain alone but that is NOT God’s Will. And that particular spouse has not found their home in the Light because they are petty and jealous.

Relax. Allow your love and remembrance to be calm and beautiful. Give them the honor of your love not the burden of your guilt.

Holidays are a time for love, communion and family. Speak kindly of your departed loved ones and create a celebration of love and memories.

Release your sadness. This is your emotion, not theirs.

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