Saying Good-Bye, But Not Forever

Have you noticed any increase in spirit activity due to the thin veil? Some strange or unexplainable events? Thoughts or memories of loved ones passed? There has also been some more vivid contact with your spirit guides.

Saying good-bye again is truly sad but we always know that good-bye is never forever. The veil will thicken up again soon. The more you know about spirit and guide contact the less fearful it becomes. Spirit may not be tangible but the emotions and messages are very real.

Have you written any letters or lit any candles for them? Do you wonder who is near? Having a conversation with them is as easy as talking to them. They hear you and they want you to know that they love you and miss you also.

Many loved ones passed will make the trip to be with you during the upcoming holidays as well. Always remember to honor them and keep their memories alive.

They may have changed a great deal in the afterlife. Then again, they may not have changed at all! It is their choice how hard they work on their ascension. Many people are happy staying in more familiar settings. Others are bound for great heights and wish to infuse with God. No one judges. We all have free will.

Something that you may not realize is that we may continue to work through our earthly issues in the afterlife. Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol may continue to plague you. It is a process to learn sobriety, even after death. There may also be issues with anger, jealousy and passing judgment on others. We may still have to learn self-respect or being positive and proactive.

We receive help from higher guides, counselors or other religious deities in order to resolve these persistent problems. Just because we pass into the afterlife doesn’t mean we have left our difficulties behind. There is also special attention paid to people who die young, suddenly, violent deaths or from suicide. It may sadden you to know that there is not a complete absolution upon leaving this life.

Our goal in this incarnation is to work through our weaknesses and liabilities and become stable, wise and strong. If we release many of our troubles here, we will not have to resolve them when we return home.

It seems to make more sense now to mature and be emotionally stable so that the afterlife is truly a burst of absolution and resolve. We will all be welcomed home but those of us with lingering problems will then be assisted to heal and grow.

The choices are yours. Make decisions now about goals that you wish to resolve. Do your best to rise up from addictions and abuse. Or, allow everything to take its own course and do little to change your current path. You will be met with guides upon your passing and there will be review of your life. Then decisions will be made on how to proceed.

Each life is not a haphazard existence. There are goals for each incarnation. You have set forth a list of concerns to be dealt with and intended outcomes. You have built this life upon your last life and upon the one before that. We aren’t purposeless in life. We are here to learn, experience, grow and work for God. Life has an infinite amount of meaning. We are never viewed as a sum total of money, cars, homes, what we do for a living or where we vacation. We are much too valuable for that. By accepting this reality, we will make more progress toward our self-actualization.

Build that Stairway to Heaven by doing the work and achieving the goals that you have written.

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