Let Go!

Just let go. We promise you will not fall. It is impossible to resign yourself to God’s Will and suffer any negative consequences.

First you must loosen your grip. Allow your hands to release all of those stressful and concerning problems and events. Life is intended to be lived with flow and flexibility. That white-knuckle grip has nothing to do with FAITH.

Release your need to control. Release your ego pursuits and relax. Set down any stress, strain or worry. Release fear and ALLOW.

It feels good. It is definitely a change from the way you have been leading your life. Resist the need for a traumatic, life changing event to push your thoughts from believing you have control to knowing that God has control. It is literally impossible for you to juggle all of the concerns in your life and insure a perfect outcome. Just believing you have this power is a falsehood.

Relax and allow life to flow again. Where are you hiding your tension? In your arms, shoulders, back, or in that stress headache? How often do you realize that you are tensed and uncomfortable? Do you recognize it or does your stress compromise your physical and emotional wellbeing?

Imagine that you have gotten a massage. How long does the relaxed and blissful feeling last? Do you go a day or more? A week? Some of us may allow our stress to return within hours!

This is not productive. In order to learn and grow you must have some concept of relaxing and allowing. God is not able to embrace you if you are tied up into several knots. Healing may also be impossible without you being able to fully relax and release your tension.

Spiritual growth is only possible if you leave some room for miracles and blessings.

Do you prefer to work with someone who is tense, rigid and controlling or someone who is relaxed, flexible and open-minded? The answer is obvious. Now you must make steps to be that enlightened being who finds God’s purpose in all people, places and things.

It is entirely possible that you don’t realize that you have your defenses raised against God’s love. Check you body and find some knots and barriers. These are blocks to your growth, healing and self-actualization. Every time you brace yourself against something different, unpleasant or unfamiliar you also block growth, experience and maturity.

Keeping things the same is adverse to God’s creation and universe. Pay attention to times when you are tense and defensive. Take steps to release all of that negativity and embrace all of the wonder and beauty in the world. You are resisting the blessings and gifts of God by being a wall of stress and frustration.

Be sure to meditate. Get some regular exercise and improve your diet. Practice stress relief throughout your day. Do a scan of your body and release any tension you find. Consciously avoid raising your defenses if you are met with something different or new.

Expect changes and approach them with open-mindedness. Be flexible. Learning is essential to growth and you must be receptive to it. Be an active observer of your own behavior. Being easily stressed and overwhelmed blocks a better approach to the flow of life.

Notice muscle strain in your shoulders. Stretch, rotate the shoulder and relax. Rub out the knot and consider using heat. Realize you are getting a tension headache. Deep breathe and do a relaxation exercise. Respond to that muscle twitch in your back by gentle stretching and improved flexibility. Rub out the knot and possibly apply heat.

Practice being mindful. Avoid the extremes of agitation and despondency. Keep your emotions moderate. Respond to changes in your day with proactive and flexible decisions. There is no need for the shock and awe of frustration. Meet each challenge with grace!

Use positive affirmations about you, your challenges and others throughout your day. Of course you can handle unexpected events. You are resilient, creative and intelligent.

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