Becoming One

Becoming one with God requires more than prayer and hope. One must choose to release all needs of comfort and control. It is not because you will no longer have these assurances but it is more about where these feelings of security and peace come from.

Do not be overwhelmed by the thought of giving your life to God. You need not make vast changes in your life. It is purely a state of mind. You will learn to feel peaceful, blessed and cared for. You will not want for anything and love will radiate out to others in your family and life.

The transition is about FAITH. Knowing that you come from God and you are One with God. You will eventually return to God.

You will lose the anxiety and commotion that comes with your current human life. You will ALLOW and ACCEPT that God will provide for all of your wishes and needs. If you have asked for something and it has not been provided, then it is not meant to be at this point in your chart.

It is much like being faced with the same challenges over and over. Why? Because you haven’t learned the intended lessons yet. We are met with turmoil and we respond with stress. This is not what God has intended. He asks that we respond to turmoil with prayer and understanding. We are confronted with illness and we respond with stress. Again, this is not the intended response. We are confronted with inadequate finances and we respond with stress. By now you understand that God expects us to respond with faith, introspection and increased knowledge.

It IS that simple! Your response to all of life is FAITH! Gone will be the days of stress and worry. Why this? Why that? You will say “of course this and of course that.” I was met with this situation so that I may learn more about _______. I may help others with _________ because I have experienced this for myself. I will be a better teacher to my children/family/friends because I have dealt with _____________.

Everything in life is charted. You asked for certain experiences so that you may learn from them. Then, in turn, you are more experienced, wise, mature, prepared… By believing that we have control over our lives we actually block the Grace of God! Being the master of all things is the best way to build an ultra high, thick wall blocking out the Divine.

You are a Child of God. You are here to perform God’s Will. Through you, God will be amoung all humans and will minister to others in faith, healing, knowledge and experience. Understand that your life on earth is lived for the experience of negativity and turmoil and then to find God still.

Yes, we live negativity, illness, tragedy, loss, suffering… but we act upon FAITH and rise above it. We begin to understand that we no longer need stress. If we hand our troubles to God, then we may walk forward still. We don’t need the weight of all of our mistakes if we give it to God and only keep the lessons that we learned.

Too much time is spent chastizing ourselves. No one benefits from this negative behavior. Learn to be open, resilient and wise. Release your need to judge yourself and others and go forward in Light. You will be of more help to others if you release the idea that you are in control. Your are a vessel of God and do not need to harbor any negative, judgmental or blaming feelings. This is the opposite of God’s intention.

This is a monumental task. Releasing your emotional frailities will be difficult. It is time to start. Begin to see the purpose of life is not what YOU want or need but rather why you are here. This life is but one of the steps to your becoming One with God. Set aside your ego and walk forward unencumbered. Do for God and keep the lessons that you have learned. This is what life is all about.

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