Some Wiggle Room

There is some conflicting energies surrounding us. I sense some dramatic changes and yet many things remain the same. The changes seem to be global. There is more unrest overseas. Many shocking and drastic events that will make us stop and evaluate how we feel about foreign governments and civil unrest. We will be stunned at the brutality of governments against their own people. We may even shed a tear at what other cultures are forced to survive.This may make our own troubles seem less critical.

The shutdown will not resolve soon. There is more ego and posturing to be displayed. Every day people are amazed at the petty and callous actions of some people elected to government. Then there are others as steadfast as their elected officials.

What matters most? Do we feel more sympathy for people who are on furlough and living without a paycheck or do we want to test the waters of defaulting on loans and disassembling Obamacare?

These issues are not black and white. There are many grey areas that will be explored in the next few days. None of us will be 100% pleased with the outcomes.

What does this turmoil teach us? Philosophically, we may want our leaders to be more flexible and cognizant of the needs of all of us. Perhaps we want more compromise. This standoff is reflective of the diversity in our people and the beliefs that we hold fast to.

If you were running a business would you make decisions without input or consideration of the impact they would make on the lives of your employees? Would this practice cultivate friendlier work relations? Or, would employees feel unappreciated and disrespected? Would you then state that if they don’t want their jobs you will find others who do? Does this improve communication?

Think of yourself as a philosopher. Are you labeled a philosopher for being tyrannical or conscientious? Will the next few generations speak of your great wisdom and caring heart? Would they build you a monument out of respect and appreciation? Tyrants would have to order the monument built. Your share of history would speak of ignorance and persecution.

We each have choices. In the past have you had greater respect for a certain type of leader? Do you prefer a police state to a democracy? Yes, this is intended to sound extreme. Our current government situation is extreme. There are extremes of belief and action. No one wants to be the first to concede any changes because that would make them appear weak.

This IS a battle of egos. Are you firmly behind one pole or the other? Do you allow for some compromise? WWJD? Exactly! The bigger heart and concern for others would definitely win out if God were to decide these issues. Do you see God standing steadfast against anything? No. Even people who have worshipped the darkness or have intentionally harmed others may still turn again to God. Those doors are never closed. There are always compromises and improvements.

What we once knew may no longer be effective and healthy. The most wise people will never state that they already know everything! We evolve as individuals and as a culture. Open your mind and find the best solutions for the majority of people. Be that great leader who thinks about each person in their fold.

Please don’t close any doors. God has never once closed the door on you.

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