Feeling Self-protective?

Are you feeling like many barbs and criticisms are surrounding you? Almost like you have a bull’s-eye taped to you? Now is the time to consider the source. If we are feeling attacked it may be more accurate that others are feeling attacked and they are sensitive and lashing out at you. If they are feeling defensive they will want to relieve their stress and may choose to lash out at others around them. This has very little to do with you.

Do your best to place everything in perspective. Is this a person of influence over your personal or professional life? Does it matter what they think? Is this person likely to let things blow over thus leaving no lasting effect on you?

It is natural to feel sensitive. It may cause you to lash out at someone else thus feeding into the cycle of blaming others. If possible, allow things to settle back down and do whatever works best to release your feelings of being attacked or singled out.

If the person is your boss, meet with them when upset has calmed and ask for direction to correct what had been brought up. Avoiding any contact with them will not repair the blow up. They will then add to their list of things that they believe about you and there will be another confrontation.

What may be done spiritually is to pray for yourself and anyone else involved. Cleanse the area or room of contact. Flush everything with bright, White Light. Do your best to keep these areas cleansed so there may not be another show down. Ask for angels and guides to surround each person and bring about feelings of harmony and resolution.

Keep your personal protection up! Surround yourself in White Light, outward facing mirrors and a white egg or bubble. Reimagine these protective devices throughout your day. Some people are dark or negative. Your light filled office or home will actually feel uncomfortable to them. They may actually stay away.

Many believe in surrounding these negative people with inward facing mirrors. This will focus their negative and destructive energy on themselves. They will weaken and lose their ferocity. They may even resign because the environment will feel hostile and focused against them. This type of action will either resonate with you or not. You may feel like you are on the attack and then not in agreement with this action. You may prefer to surround them with loving and healing energy instead.

As with yourself and others, you may drain the negative and dark energy from your/their being. Connect a green cord from your/their tail bone to the center of the earth. Open your/their crown and envision pouring intense White Light through your/their crown and down throughout your/their being. Allow the dark energy to flow out of your/their tail bone and into the earth. Keep flushing until the cast off water runs clear. Then, fill yourself/them up with White Light and ask for God’s blessings.

This more positive action may be more acceptable to you. Always remember that others may be expressing their frustration outward. Any criticism may not actually have anything to do with you. Whether it is fair or not, people may just be venting their own frustration and you happened to be in the area. If the criticizer is your boss, be proactive and ask for guidance on how to meet their expectations. Cleanse and clear the office before, during and after you meet with them.

Seek to emulate Jesus. He refused to be defensive or negative and instead offered love and healing. He chose to accept one’s behavior as an expression of wellness or corruption of their body and/or soul. Remember that in the long run your are not a product of each interaction or statement but rather your perspective and willingness to love and understand.

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