Autumn has long been a time to prepare for colder weather. Long ago we had to gather foodstuffs and stock up on other supplies. What we did in the cold was far more mental. We read books and caught up on correspondence. We had our jams and jellies on the shelf and we baked bread to spread it on. We did our best to have enough supplies to last until the break of Spring. Then we would reemerge from our Winter shelter and busy ourselves outdoors again.

Now that everything is electronic and foodstuffs are fresh in store, what does the colder days of Winter mean now? It may still be a very pensive and thoughtful time. We may indeed increase reading our ebooks and text and email those we love. The changes of the seasons may have lost some of their significance. Depending upon the climate that you live in there may be very little change.

Let’s look at this time of year as a chance to get caught up on some soul-searching.

1. If you haven’t started journaling it may be a good time to start.Expressing your thoughts and emotions in writing helps you to focus and very possibly work through any troubling events in your life. Some people review their journal entries and others never look back. Either way is fine. Don’t get caught up in the details but rather immerse yourself in this form of expression.

2. Write a letter to some departed loved ones. This is a perfect time since the veil between earth and the Other Side is thin. Write it just as you would any letter. Tell them how you are doing. Ask for help in certain areas of life. Voice your future plans. This is a tangible way of reconnecting with some very important people in your life.

3. Connect with your spirit guides. Meditation is a great way to open this door. As we have said before, focus on their name, their adorned color, their gender… Ask for responses. You may want some validation in your dreams, ask for a certain song to play on the radio, a familiar scent. Or, ask them to give you a sign of their choosing! Being grounded and centered will assist you to feel more connected to spirit. You may experience a comfort and blissful knowing and you may relate this directly to your guide(s). Keeping this connection will be best if you stay calm, centered and resilient to stress.

4. Connect with your soul. Visualize sitting across from your higher self. Your appearance will be stunning and flawless. Your eye color will likely be vibrant and mixing some hues that you are not used to. There may be blue, purple, green, pink, gold… Imagine a gold cord from your God Center in your solar plexus connected to the God Center of your higher self. Keeping this connection also requires calm, focus and deep breathing. Allow the communication to flow and stay connected until you feel nourished completely with God’s love. You may feel content enough to nap and that is ok. If you have life waiting for you just wake yourself as you would from a meditation.

5. Check in on your inner child. Where did you place them for safe keeping? In your heart, or your soul, or your mind’s eye? Embrace them again and see if they have found more maturity since you last visited with them. Entwine your emotions with them and see if more work needs to be done. Perhaps they have progressed beyond the age you last saw them and now they have different challenges to face. Remember to be the mature, responsible parent that your inner child needs. There is no need for blame. We only ask for you to help them to heal. Be protective and nurturing. Always remember to keep them someplace safe and never allow them to be left to parent themselves again.

6. Be nice. Be good. Be helpful. Make positive, well-informed decisions. Be proactive instead of reactive. Do things for yourself and others out of love. Greet each day with gratitude and appreciation. Be humble.
Remind yourself that you are here to do God’s work and you have complete faith.

Enjoy this season of apple cider and warming by the hearth. Our lives have changed over many generations but this still may be a time of preparing for Winter. We have time to think, to consider and to pray.

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