Spirit Embrace

Your guides and loved ones are very near. They are encircling you and sending you as much love as they are able to focus. Why now? October is known for a thinning veil between us and the spirit realm. It opens throughout the month and gradually closes after November 1st.

You may expect more otherworldly contact. Noises, scents, songs, photos, feeling as if someone is near you… It is all out of love. Please don’t confuse Halloween with spirit closeness and love. Some people feel that the holiday is rooted in evil or has to do with ghosts. Set all of that aside.

Late October is a time of remembrance. We honor those we have loved deeply and who are now in spirit. Many cultures celebrate departed souls around this same time. It has nothing to do with the devil. It has everything to do with acknowledging those we have lost.

Why do we jump to the haunted and restless ghost scenario? Because spirit is trying many ways to let you know that they are here with you. There may be cold spots, unexpected breezes, knocking, phone ringing with no one on the line, movement out of the corner of your eye… How do the more primitive cultures explain this? Menacing ghosts, the devil at play or evil waiting to capture your breath. They chose to carve turnips into menacing faces and place a candle inside to scare off the fearful things in the night. There were common practises about staying indoors after dark and not looking out windows. They decided to burn bright bon fires to light up the mistrusting darkness. They gave people dressed as wandering souls a treat or gift to garner favor and cause the “ghost” pass them over for mischief. A sort of bribe to be left alone.

We are evolved now. Spiritual people will encourage you to honor your departed loved ones. Go ahead and light a candle but not to keep evil away but rather to let your loved ones know you remember them and chose to honor them in this manner. Expect some spectral visitors but don’t rush to judgment. It may be your dear, sweet grandmother, favorite uncle or sibling who passed at a young age.

You may also experience vivid dreams. Loved ones come to you during sleep because your defenses are down. If you wake up and have a comforting thought about your grandfather, then it is likely your grandfather. Be open to the cues. Do you smell his pipe tobacco? Or hear him clear his throat? This is his way of sending you familiar messages to let you know it really is him!

Be careful of wandering earthbound ghosts. The veil is thin so ghosts are also able to get close to you. Keep yourself surrounded in White Light. Ask your guides and angels to surround you with protection and make sure to give them permission to help you. Pray for protection. Stay grounded. You may want to surround your home in angels, animal guides or other protective loving beings facing outward. Why? Because your spouse, children or close family and friends will be susceptible to ghosts as well.

Always go with your first impression. If you hear a voice when no one is around and you think of your mother. It IS your mother. Once we start to over think and exaggerate our fears we scare ourselves into believing it is something bad and menacing. It is very easy for your imagination to run rampant. Your mother may go from saying “hello” and “I love you,” to being saged out of the house.

Be reasonable. Expect to hear from your departed loved ones. You may even hear from relatives that you had never known in life. It is very common for your elders to keep in contact with you despite having never met you in person. They don’t love you any less. They still have the hopes and wishes for you like any other loved one does.

Go with God. Ask for and be reminded that you need protection. AND expect a LOT of LOVE! Each of you has a gathering of loved ones around. You are the center of attention! Spirit hugs feel so good.

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