End In Sight

The shutdown will not last long. Many congressman are getting inundated with calls from angry taxpayers and constituents. They are caught up in hype and have lost sight of what is positive and reassuring for the people of the US. They are only seeing contempt and competitiveness. They are caught up in their own ego-driven drama.

Once this ends they will step back and realize how destructive their actions have been. Few will make any reparations and fewer still will apologize. Politicians are rife with ego and they see remorse as a sign of weakness.

Obamacare may have a shaky start but many will learn to embrace it. There will always be those who are steadfast against this initiative but this the way with anything in life.

The voting public will remember this reckless action and complete disregard for our financial integrity and wellbeing. How many of us are out of work and making no income because of this?

I get a “Thursday” feeling. But time with spirit is difficult to be acutely accurate.

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