When Did We Get So Soft?

The life of Jesus was filled with emotion. He never gave up on his duty to be here for us. He only wished that He could have done more before His death.

The turmoil of his persecution caused Him to turn His thoughts inward. He felt very much alone and abandoned in many ways. He looked out upon the people gathered at His public shaming and He found Himself trying hard to find any friendly face.

He did not realize at the time that He of course had many loved ones. He felt very much alone and truly believed that His followers had turned from Him and took the hand of their false ruler.

He cried for His own death and felt lost among the throngs of people who denied His true being. Shortly after death He did again realize that He lost no one in His plight and only suffered a wave of ego driven fear.

He prided himself to always remain above the human weakness called ego but at this twilight hour He lost that fight and thought only of His death and losing those close and loving. He strayed from His ideal of serving others God’s Grace. This may have been the most human that He had ever been while walking in our shoes.

At once, He became The Only Son of God and the one true leader of humankind. He regained His strength and walked forward again. He found great comfort in the “knowing” of human life. He would not ever wish to have missed this opportunity.

He gave the true report of human weakness and decay. He had sought to heal so many and yet He realized that it was our human condition that needed healing and not so much each soul He came upon.

His death was truly a rebirth. He found new vitality and focus. He pushed forward to give us what we want and what we need. He sought to save each soul and rebuild our approach to God’s Kingdom. He knew our hearts. He also knew our souls. He felt as we felt and no longer was apart from us.

It was His human existence that brought us so close together. We truly became brothers. He did not see any one of us as different from Him. It was a great awakening for God. The circle became complete. We worshipped them and they worshipped us as well.

Many wonderful gifts arose from the experience of Jesus. He was akin to our souls and knew personally what each of us longed for and needed to feel complete and whole.

He sent us many great angels and human leaders to complete our journey. The sadness that we felt at His passing became eagerness for our “becoming.”

Then, as time always does, we forgot His gift. We wandered further away from our place in God’s Kingdom. We felt alone and isolated. We lost our understanding of our internal compass. What we knew for sure became what we might have known.

Now we are at this intersection in life. We lost our “oneness” and we spend countless hours trying to find it again. We want healing but only according to our expectations. We want to be shown the Light but only after we have had enough sleep and have a full stomach. We want to be on our path but only if it brings us wealth, prosperity and the lack of stress.

We have grown soft and needy. We do not ask for God’s Will but we seek our own will and absolution. When did we make this about us? Look not for the answer outside of yourself. Look instead at what you are willing and resolved to do in God’s Name. Amen.

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