Things That Go Thump…

Did anyone notice the boost we received on Friday/Saturday? It was a nudge like we have discussed recently. Did you accept the boost or did you brace yourself and deflect it?
Most of you deflected it. But, do you know why?

Does it feel like something bad or negative? Did you think that it was a rough day and you were worn out for some other reason?

Routine prayer and meditation would have been helpful for you to have accepted that gift and to use it to boost your spirituality forward. All types of gifts may have been included in this recent push.

By the time Sunday came in I was feeling very special and I received a boost in my psychic ability. Everything seemed vibrant and stunning. There was a clarity to everything that I could see and a burst of unexpected color along with it. I have been awash in gold since I acsended to another level last week and this gold has been amplified even more.

It truly was a gift!

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