Psychic Cords

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Psychic Cords by Master Psychic Healer- Laura Schwalm

There are many ways to describe a psychic experience, but the simplest definition is understanding or knowing through sensing.  Reading psychic energy is like learning an energetic language. We receive information through our five senses- sight,sound, taste, smell as well as through our inner knowing

Intuition, telepathy, and empathy are referred too as a six sense. Psychic energy is free flowing energy. It’s considered creative energy and is more like day dreaming and imagination, instead of logical thinking.

Throughout history psychics, mystics, witches, wizards and sorcerers have known about psychic chords. Psychic chords are energetic ties between people.  Psychic chords are not seen with our eyes, they are sensed and felt. Chords are  energetically  connected to the spirit body, otherwise known as our chakras.

Psychic chords work like an energetic umbilical chord between two people who can send and receive information to…

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