Allow Me to Carry It for You

“I am Jesus, the human son of God. I wish to speak to you about your ability to release any turmoil or trouble at MY feet. I will carry it for you and I will work tirelessly to make you whole.”

You walk many miles in life burdened by pressure and anguish. This is NOT our intention for your life. WE wish for you to release any and all negativity and allow only love and light to reach you.

Set it at my feet. Any worry or concern. Any fear or anger. Any feelings of uselessness or hopelessness. WE have followed you here to remind you that your life is BLESSED and HOLY.

Please do not allow any self-doubt to cloud your Divinity. BELIEVE in who you are as a Child of God. KNOW that WE walk with you and long for the day that you accept your purity and release any desire to obstruct your path.

WE wish for you to release your need to control. It is NOT in your power to organize all things. That is OUR job. WE ask that you be reasonably prepared for all of the events in your life and then give it up to God. ALLOW for plenty of love, hope and joy. The time you spend worrying and feeling responsible is time wasted.

Do your best to be a good person, a good child, a good parent, a good spouse, a good friend. That is all we ask. WE will bring all of your lessons and responsibilities to you. You need not look for them. Free up your mind to allow the Light and love of God permeate your being. In this state you will complete all tasks and take all steps that we will have asked of you.

By busying your mind you actually derail your ascension. More time must be spent in releasing and knowing. Seek that calm that comes from your intimate connection to God and spirit.

Whether it is a broken down car, a missed appointment, a sick parent… do your best to be informed and prepared and then “give it to ME.”

Life will flow more naturally and beautifully if you remember to ALLOW ME to take care of you.

This may feel reckless or lazy but you will actually align more perfectly with all energy of Source and all of your needs and desires will flow to you. It will feel like magic! Answers will come just when you need them. Things will get done as intended.

By releasing your need to control you clear the way for ME to touch and embrace you. Do not block me any longer. Life has become too hard and complicated without my involvement. It need not be so stressful!

Relax and let go. “Give it to me.” I will not fail you.

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