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I have been in a funk lately. I am entering a new phase in my life complete with new guides. I have gotten stuck in between somehow. I have to push upward in order to free myself and start living again. This transition has happened many times in my life. If you have ever heard the phrase about getting pulled through the eye of a needle, that is what it is like.

I have gotten a multitude of messages for me and my children. My departed mother, father and grandmother are here with us now. They have zeroed in on my daughters’ current feelings and emotions. They have provided some well-timed advice for each of them.

Being stuck has pressured me to look at my overall health and wellbeing. We have discussed etheric cords in the past but not in a long while. Last night I discovered a break in my energy field with darkened energy and leakage. This area is at the back of my skull to my right. This has been a troublesome area in the past. When we have discussed psychic vampires or attachments, this is the area that these energy suckers attach to me.

Since I am Native American I post animal totems in my energy field as bouncers. I usually post a mother bear in this spot because she is fiercely loyal and vicious to invaders. In my vague, energy stuck state, I am not able to visualize her properly and keep her formed in my mind’s eye.

So, the energy drain is prohibiting me from plugging and cleansing the energy drain. I just have to try harder and be vigilant, I’m sure.

These are 3 possible ways in which you also may be hindered from progress.

1. Being in between stages of development. You may be pulled through the eye of a needle but it feels awesome once you have made it through. Any time of transition needs some serious work in order to stay grounded, centered, cleansed and cleared. Be persistent and find Light and love, even though you may feel at loose ends.

2. Etheric cords are common. They are energy cords which attach you to people in your life. They are not positive or necessary. They are fear-based and are your ego’s way of keeping you and the other person the same. It is a tactic to resist change.
Some are OK but as a rule I don’t feel they are necessary. It may be the reason why a mother feels intuitive about her child. She senses a change in the cord and then focuses in on her child. She may make the call to ask if they are ok.
We also have cords to negative people. Some who have injured us or are abusing us in any way.
We also have cords to our possessions. Our home, auto, bike…
Archangel Michael will cut cords for you. You have to keep them from re-attaching. That is the hard part.
These cords are not necessary. Spirit will let you know if your child, parent or other person is in need of help. You also don’t need to be attached to your belongings. This is averse to the flow of Source in your life. Attaching and clinging to people or things will block your connection to a higher existence.
Cut all cords and make sure you check the bottom of your feet. This is where some of your thicker cords are attached. Also check behind you.

3. Psychic attachments and vampires drain your vital energy. Psychic vampires are people who talk and cling and soak all of your good feelings out. They walk away and you feel exhausted. They are master manipulators and will try to be more intense and more emotional and more shocking just to get you to react more strongly. Then they will drain your adrenalin and find their next victim.
Psychic attachments are ghosts or beings that find a vulnerable person or a strong person with a vulnerable spot and attach themselves. They may try to alter your behavior and try to make you do uncharacteristic things. They are also looking for a rush. They may cause you to pick a fight, break the law or act promiscuously in order to get their “fix.”

Please do some research about these situations. I can only touch on them briefly because I try to keep my word counts reasonable. Or, if you wish to have more information about this or any topic feel free to email me. I may also scan your body and energy centers to see if you have a leak in your energy field or any attachments.

I have found myself out of touch with my channeled guides. I am not used to this but I also recognize that I am plagued with an energy leak and a psychic attachment taking advantage of it. It actually makes sense that I am sidelined, for now.

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