Help Wanted

Following my post from yesterday, spirit would like you to know that finding help to find and follow your path is available. There are many psychics who provide “Life Coaching.” There are some on the WordPress site. Make sure you find someone who you resonate with. Seek out a person who is genuine and gives you information from spirit. Many psychics or other spiritual providers may offer you their own advice or opinion. We would urge you to seek out direction from your guides only.

It is also not recommended to seek out your departed loved ones for life direction. They still have their own preferences and opinions. Just because they are your relatives doesn’t mean that they have the best advice for your journey. Loved ones may offer you love and appreciation, advice may not be what you need from them. Be careful.

You may look for life coaches, spiritual guides, or psychic mediums. Many are listed with their specific services they may offer. Some may want payment per visit and others will sell you a subscription which covers a designated length of time and includes daily, weekly or as-needed contact with them.

Look for what fits. Be vigilant and try to recognize if you are being given their opinion or if direction comes directly from your guides. Also be cautious of gimmicks. You have read many articles about psychics who have defrauded people. Don’t be a victim. Additional charges for curses, candles, prayers or karma problems may be out of line. Life guidance should not cost thousands of dollars.

Check out some of the providers on WordPress to see what their rates are and what type of services are included. That way when you search in your area you’ll have an idea of what to expect for fees.

Please be open-minded. Remember that information provided is from spirit. People become defensive, irritated or even angry at what has been said. Spirit is blunt. They say it like it is and your feelings may be hurt. If you drink alcohol to excess, they will say that. If you are abusing prescription drugs, they will say that as well. If you continue smoking cigarettes even though you have the accompanying medical problems. they will bring that to your attention as well.

Spirit will also ask you to forgive. This is a big step in a lot of your relationships. You may harbor anger, resentment, grudges or hurt feelings from many people in your life both past and present. You may be adamant about keeping your anger. Spirit will bluntly state that you must let your anger go and forgive. Yes, easier said than done.

There are also destructive people in your life. Spirit will want you to stop spending time with them. They will instruct you to leave your abusive marriage, stop bullying a co-worker or stealing money. Remember, they know everything in your life. Another reason why people become so defensive is that they cannot hide their bad traits from spirit. Also more importantly, it may be dangerous to leave your abusive relationship. Spirit will give you the direction but making sure you are safe and plan your steps to diminish your risk is completely up to you. It may be impossible to leave this person. Spirit only knows that you should not be beaten, demeaned or controlled. The same is true with angels. Their guidance may be short-sighted.

Help is needed. Finding a good human guide will help. Remembering that you must be cautious and safe while following spirit advice is crucial.

Also be careful of the advice you follow. Ghosts or earthbound spirits will send you in circles and create destruction and confusion in your life. If you are told to give all of your belongings away and live in the Amazon. This is NOT a reputable spirit. If you are told to walk away from all family and friends and be a missionary in Egypt. NO! Or, if you are asked to give all of your money away, also NO! None of us are Mother Teresa. We would not be asked to forsake what we have in life. “Give your life to God” would include an adequate income, continuing to care for your children and continuing to live where you are. Please don’t give everything away. We are worker bees and we still need food, shelter and clothing.

I am able to provide spirit guidance and I do not charge for my services. Remember that I don’t know you, I don’t know what you look like and I don’t know who is in your life. There is nothing personal. I merely give you the information that spirit gives to me. I am able to describe your guide’s appearance and possibly their name. I also may be able to help you communicate directly with them through meditation or other avenues.

Establishing your own relationship with your guides would be optimal. This takes a long time and a lot of objectivity. Receiving genuine information from them takes focus and a determined calm. The rewards of this relationship are everlasting!

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