From Me to You

This is Lisa. As you know my posts are channeled from guides. I have little to say or contribute to each post. My direction was clear to avoid my own perspective and give the information as strictly as spirit has intended. I accepted this agreement knowing that higher guides have much more inspirational information for you than I do.

Today I am to share some of my own path. The goal is to humanize the guidance given to you so that you know it is possible to follow God and spirit. I am very average I assure you. The only difference between me and you may be that I am psychic and I am able to channel spirit.

1. I stayed in an abusive marriage way too long. My chart included an out that I couldn’t refuse. It was a man who I believed was not abusive and would love my children. It was a golden carrot that was held out before me. I got my divorce and then realized that Mr. Wonderful was manipulative and a cheater! I was forced to release the dream of being with him but the timing was specific enough to get me out of my marriage. That was his committment to me. When I first saw him, spirit told me he was my best friend.

This is an example of loved ones entering into agreements with you on the Other Side to help you in this life. This man, my best friend in spirit, was able to pull me out of my abusive marriage then leave.
Also, you must respect yourself and leave someone who demeans and hurts you. You won’t know your true self until you have done the work.

2. I held blame for my parents for my terrible childhood. I felt abandoned by my father and neglected by my mother. Many years had to pass before I realized that they were human and fallible. I had to overcome all of the abuse and neglect of my childhood when I became a young adult. I had to do it for me. No one else was going to “rescue me.” I released my need for them to be good, perfect or at least reasonably emotionally healthy. I began my work to achieve emotional wellbeing for myself. I finally forgave them.

This is an example of acknowledging that people are placed in your life to teach you. You must learn from their mistakes and choose to do better in your own life. No excuses. I chose to be a better parent and seek my own emotional health and then attend to the emotional health of my children. I had to release any expectation that anyone would help me. I had to rely on me alone. This was a difficult step to make. I became depressed and isolative. It took some time for me to stand up again.

3. I am Native American and I grew up among alcohol and substance abuse. Many of my siblings are alcoholic, even now. Each of my sisters had a pregnancy while still in high school. I learned from watching them and their mistakes. I rarely drink alcohol and I purposely chose not to get pregnant until I was married and I was 24 years old.

This is an example of overcoming the family history that is on the darker side. I could have done exactly what everyone else had done but I wanted a better life. I saw the struggles of their parenting at an age much too young. I knew of the stress of difficult and abusive relationships after pregnancy and birth.
Substances are averse to spirituality. We do not mature or develop effective coping skills when we abuse substances. I accepted pain, stress and turmoil without the buffer of alcohol or drugs. I learned this by watching not only my family but also the rest of the community. Substances ravaged the lives of many Native Americans and I did not want to be one of them. I understand the dynamic and try not to judge.
My girls are 20 and 24 and neither of them drink or use drugs. They both graduated high school without an unplanned pregnancy. I celebrate this but I also know at any time they could fall into unhealthy and dysfunctional choices.

4. I am psychic. I asked for this gift in 2004. The first few years were a struggle. I often heard a voice which was my own ego voice. It took years of determination to decipher the difference. I still may be caught off gaurd by my ego voice. It is a constant concern.
I ran off thinking I would save the world. I thought of giving readings to people waiting in the check out line and waiting for a bus. I heard wild and outlandish claims by the voices in my head. I followed many of them!!!! I alienated many family members with my newfound recklessness. It was a wild ride.

This is an example of being a new psychic and having to LEARN WHAT YOU ARE DOING! Now, I protect myself from earth-bound ghosts. If a message is hurtful or mean then it is probably not “of God.” If something is outlandish it is my ego voice or a ghost. I try to be grounded, centered, cleansed and cleared. I rarely walk up to someone and give spirit information unless I know them very well and reasonably know how they will react. I have made bridges with some of my family and have even done readings for them.
Meditation is very important. I receive many messages for myself and others while I meditate. Water is also helpful. I get a lot of messages in the shower. Even though I am certain that messages are from God I still don’t deliver them all. People need pain, suffering and experience in order to learn. Giving someone all of the answers is not productive.

I am not going to save the world but the experience I now have makes me a much better parent, psychic, sister, daughter, friend and co-worker.

Expansion and wisdom don’t come quickly or easily. You really have to invest the time and effort. I have the gift of hearing spirit. I reasonably know when I am leaving or entering a new stage in life and I have the guides and loved ones to help me through.

These new stages may come with profound fanfair or with a gentle nudge. Being a conduit for God and spirit will help me inform you of anything you need to know. It took a long time for me to learn this.

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