The Gift of Guides

New guides step in when you move from one era of life lessons to another. You also have earth guides. These guides are people who enter and leave your life at specified times to help you progress and learn. They have a specific set of experiences that they help you with, then they leave. You also have your main guide and other lesser known guides regarding more specific portions of your life. Then you have departed loved ones who may be with you.

Entering a new phase of your life brings about some dramatic changes. Your energy may be affected and your perspective will definitely change. What may happen is that you are given this new direction with accompanying energy/guides and then you back step and return to your previous state of existence.

You may unknowingly shift back to being angry, sullen and depressed just because that is how you have felt for so long. Any boost or shift from spirit may be temporary because of your need to remain constant.

In these instances you will miss the stages and levels that were preplanned. Instead of shifting from being on a tight budget to being prosperous you’ll choose to remain poor. This is what you know. Prosperity feels unfamiliar. Or, you’ll enter a time of great physical healing and you’ll return to being disabled and unwell. You are familiar with being unwell.

You are saying, “why would I decide against healing or being wealthy!” You are deciding this subconsciously. If it were presented to your conscious mind and it was explained, of course you would choose a better existence. It is also possible that through years of dysfunction, you consciously choose to be angry, sullen and unwell. People make these choices all the time. You may have made these decisions yourself but if you lack insight you may not realize it either.

Having an open mind and being spiritually centered goes a long way when faced with life changing shifts. You sense a boost in your productivity. You push for an increase in your earning potential and accept more pay from known and new sources. You resist the urge to return back to having a restrictive income and you continue to grow and flourish. This is an example of accepting the gift.

Or, you have a chance to move to a better home. The cost of the new home is no different from your current one. You are accustomed to fending for yourself and having a newer residence with fewer headaches seems too good to be true. Instead of exploring your options you insist on staying in less comfortable housing. You took a pass on the boost.

These decisions happen all the time. You may not realize when God is giving you a gift. Your tendency is to question everything and settle on what you are accustomed to. Then you are surprised and somewhat jealous of someone who accepted the blessing!

New dynamics are expected in life and are necessary. We all came into this world with some prelearned knowledge. Then, we have some knowledge that we have to relearn in order to achieve our previous level of functioning in our past life/lives. Then, we again restart our ascension. By resisting any new level of existence, boost in spirituality or by refusing God’s gifts, we remain stagnant. We will not attain our destined level of ascension in this lifetime. Unknowingly, we push away what we actually need to grow.

Change is uncomfortable. Allowing yourself to accept a better life tests your faith. You fear the unknown and may question God’s gift because it seems too good or too beautiful. New dimensions of existence are written. Keeping yourself down will only delay your self-actualization.

Have faith. Pray for guidance. Remain grounded to God and spirit. Surround yourself with intense White Light. When change is needed, spirit is always at your side. You are given the guide and the energy needed. Hearing and accepting is up to you.

(Last week during meditation, spirit asked me to “give my life to God.” That’s a big one! I am still considering what this means and how it would be accomplished. Yesterday I was told that I would be given new guides to accompany this change. Today I met them!
This is an example of how to become aware of God’s direction and to accept the help to do it. These guides have much to teach me and I am READY! I choose to accept the gift. Lisa)

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