Downstream Travel

We have mentioned the topic of upstream and downstream travel. This is a metaphor for making your journey through life with ease & faith or upset & negativity. Many of you have been testing out this theory and that is good. Some of you have noticed that life flows and has a divine ease to it when your perspective is spiritual and “of God.” In contrast, life is difficult when you use competition, anger and negativity as your filter.

This is a process to be learned over time. We do not expect you to make broad sweeping changes over night and adhere to them. This is not reasonable. We do encourage you to make small changes and resist falling back into habits of ego and dysfunction.

We are here to help. We long for you to be happy and we will present you with as much guidance as you need. What we notice now is your tendency to compete with others. You often compare your spouse, home, auto, wealth, job, education, and happiness of those around you. This is a purposeless activity. No good will arise out of these comparisons.

In reality, outward signs of wealth actually represent someone who may be steeply in debt. They may have few real possessions but a lot of payment books. Someone deeply in love with their spouse may have a troubled marriage and little real joy in life. Another with the perfect family may have one child in rehab and another failing out of college.

People rarely give you the truth in life when it is far easier to misrepresent what they have and how happy they are. It does not matter to you anyway. Once you have reached a deeply spiritual perspective on life, you will want others to be happy, blessed, healed and free of life’s challenges.

God’s way is not to compete but to heal yourself and build your life into a Temple of God. There is no expectation of greed, vengeance, crime, substance abuse, abuse of others, manipulating others or living outside of your means.

The ego issues of life are actually barriers to your connection to God and spirit. Release them and allow love and forgiveness to saturate your life.

We all know what aspects of our personality that are NOT “of God.” Take steps to release these traps to your self actualization. Living for God does not involve competing with others or being jealous or angry. Being the Child of God that you are entails loving others and offering solace and forgiveness to them. You may recognize their ego pursuits but instead of joining the race, we ask that you pray for them, ask for God and angels to cleanse them and bring them Light.

Ego needs are unnecessary and actually keep you from aligning with God. Remember to travel downstream. The current is swift and blissful when you are in alignment with the behavior of God. Test this theory. Find for yourself that living in the Light brings ease, love, joy and happiness to you. The moment you feed your ego, the travel upstream begins.

We want you to embrace this message and we will bring obvious signs of this premise to your attention. Journal if you wish. Note the beauty which accompanies behavior which aligns you with God. And, note the barriers that accompany your negative, ego-driven actions. We are excited for this next step in your evolution. We are your brothers and sisters and we celebrate your expansion and continued ascension to God.

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