What is at the Root?

Take two steps back. What is your most pressing issue in your life today? Many are concerned about finances. Some have legal issues to tend to. Others have difficult relationships. many worry about job security or finding employment after being out of work for a while.

Right now it seems that spiritual concerns aren’t ranking very high on your priority list. This is just the opposite of our suggested approach for all of your worries. By being in tune with God and spirit, all of your other concerns will be addressed fairly soon.

The trouble with worry is that you are actually drawing more of the worry to you. Again, it is the Law of Attraction. Fearing financial loss actually brings financial loss to you. Concern about your health will bring you health concerns. Feeling jobless will make you jobless.

It is easy to say but much harder to do. We realize this. Your initial approach to resolving problems is to release your fear, worry and concern. TRUST in God and expect all of your daily tasks to resolve quickly and blissfully. This is God’s way. The only problems that you are faced with that are part of your chart may not resolve until you learn the lessons entailed. Some situations are in your life for a reason.

You may not absolve any troubled times if you are intended to go through them. Then, you may not just survive these times but you may also have to learn some lessons. After that, you must not allow the same problems to resurface or it will happen again and again until you have finally learned to change your actions and decisions.

Many of these problem areas have a basis in your established emotional issues either developed in childhood or young adulthood. Some of the most basic dysfunction relates to self-worth, trust, abuse, substances, past relationships, family dysfunction, and negative and/or destructive behavior. If you have not resolved these underlying issues the troubles they cause will keep recurring.

Many problems rise out of the dysfunction that you grew up in. If you did not live with responsible adults, you did not learn responsibility. If you had substance abusing parents you likely abuse substances as well. If you did not trust your parents, siblings or close family then you lack trust now. As adults we don’t always know what these underlying issues are. Counseling may help but only if you want to change.

Most people just want something to be “fixed.” I go to counseling but I only want to fix my marriage and don’t talk to me about my parents troubled marriage. Or, I will go to counseling but I will misrepresent what is actually occurring in my life in order to appear more responsible or mature to the counselor. Or, I will send my child to counseling for their destructive behavior but don’t talk to me about my substance abuse.

These “fixes” don’t work. You’ll repeat a multitude of negative, stressful situations until you deal with what is actually the cause(s). God won’t “fix” these troubles either. You actually have to make the effort to resolve the underlying issues and then the current issues after.

It is possible to work with God to make your life better. Denial doesn’t have any place in this process. Ask for help to trust and be trustworthy. Ask for direction to resolve anger. Learn to treasure your parents, siblings and other family and friends. Ask for help to release grudges. Seek to forgive and be forgiven.

God will present all of your troubled areas to you. You will feel a rush of grief. This is the time to resolve your grief from your entire lifetime. You will sense being distrustful and your search to improve your trust in self and others will begin. You will fear being cheated on in a relationship. You will want to resolve your urge to cheat and to confront your concerns about being cheated on. All of your lessons will flow to you in God’s time. When you need it or want it. Your goal would be to keep resolving your issues as they are presented to you.

To heal yourself first is the best approach to healing your problems with others. If you are unwilling or unable to face your concerns your life may never heal. We see this in others in our lives. The aunt who has never resolved the grief of losing her husband. The coworker who continually enters relationships with cheating men. Your friend who loses jobs and housing due to substance abuse. To us it feels like a life wasted, and it is! If you see this lack of growth and maturity in others it is very possible that others also see these same barriers in you.

Heal yourself. Be positive and proactive in all areas of life. Improving your circumstances and interactions with others will flow from your own ability to heal. Make priorities and develop healthy relationships. By making your life better, more joy, love and prosperity will flow to you.

God did not bring you here to be stagnant and suffer. Your responsibility is to experience, cope and mature. When you see someone who makes you angry, upset or disappointed, seek the answer for your own emotions about them. God wants us to accept and forgive. What is in your way? What is the root of your inability to behave as God behaves?

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