Remain Calm, Repeat

God flows to you in the best of times and the worst of times. We sense his presence more when we are calm and in emotional control. The further we venture from stability, the further we are from hearing and feeling His Grace.

This happens in all instances. We may have longterm struggles that we are continually challenged with or immediate conflict that catch us unaware. To be steady, open and positive is to increase our receptivity to God and spirit. Even during a house fire or flood, we may achieve a mental balance in which we make quick, accurate decisions. If we lose our composure, we will flail both physically and emotionally. We may make some ineffective decisions or worse yet, no decision.

Think of the times when you were met with some traumatic events. You found your sister struggling to swim and feared she may drown. Quick thinking and staying grounded urged you to throw her a float, swim to save her or shout for an adult to help. Being frozen in fear would get her no help and her life may be more at risk. Or, as a parent you notice your child was stung by a bee. He/she has become reddened, swollen and having difficulty breathing. Would you rather be calm and purposeful or overwhelmed?

We’ve seen others met with the same or similar circumstances. Did you have to step in for a sister, mother or grandparent who did not remain calm? Sometimes yes.

Being open to God and spirit will give you the best responses to even some of the most challenging situations. Angels will often step in to help. In fact you may ask for their help when met with a traumatic situation. Their presence is immediate. The same is true for Saints and Archangels. Being open to the Divine leaves you open for the Divine!

Ask for help. Manage the situation and leave your anxiety or fear for when everyone is safe and sound.

This is also useful when dealing with longterm stressors. Be open, pray and seek direction. Perhaps a family member is diagnosed with a terminal illness. Are you able to provide reassurance through God or through fear?

Having effective coping skills is very important when being met with life’s challenges. Counting on just fear or anger will NOT get you through. You need many more options.

Exercise is a good stress reliever. Do any type of activity you wish. After you have made a good attempt to relieve some stress you will realize that you feel more relaxed and become aware of many more options to use to cope. Your being relaxed allows God and spirit the opportunity to give you love, support and direction.

Speak to a loved one. Hopefully someone who is emotionally stable and is capable of giving you good, positive and proactive advice. Or, seek counseling because you may want to keep your hardship private.

Another wonderful way to cope is to exercise AND speak to a loved one. Ride your bike and speak to your departed grandmother or your favorite uncle. Walk in nature and talk to your spirit guide. You may wish to exercise in private just in case you want to cry and release any bunched up emotions.

Meet with friends and dance, visit or play games. Watch your favorite comedy. Play with your cat, dog or guinea pig. Laughing is a great stress reliever!

Journal. Writing out your feelings is a way to put it into perspective. You’ll find that when you first express your emotions it will be emotionally painful and you may lack ways in which to proceed. Then, as you write again, things will lose their sting and you may be open to more options. Eventually you will read more hope in your words. There will be fewer tears and more avenues for you to travel. As another variation, write a letter to a departed loved one. Then, write another one and so on. The same feelings of resolve will be felt. Rest assured that your loved one will hear your words and come to you for comfort.

Another coping strategy is just to do what you love! Sing, dance, draw, write poetry, take pictures, walk the dog… Do your best to keep to your daily schedule and avoid isolating. Being open to God happens when you are grounded, centered, cleansed and cleared. You’ll be amazed at how calm and reassuring you are when you act upon God’s direction.

We have charted our lives. There are some true accidents but most of your experiences are planned. These events are intended to teach you through action. Maturity will help as well. Being calm and receptive to God and spirit brings about the most positive outcomes. Reacting through stress causes unnecessary commotion and turmoil.

You are at your best when you are firmly connected to God. You are perfect and necessary and you have important roles to play. You are an instrument of God’s Grace. Your personal power connects you, God and all others.

Faith strengthens you for life’s important lessons.

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