We Are Busy Workin’

Keep chopping away at all of your desires and dreams. By staying focused you gain momentum toward any goal. We often lose sight of what we were trying to accomplish in the first place so writing down a goals list would be very helpful.

Always keep positive. Stay in the Light. Ask for things in a positive, upbeat and healing way. Avoid stating your desires as “not” or “won’t” because it will not come through. The Universe only listens to the positives. “I will lose weight” instead of “I will not overeat.” It may seem like a picky requirement but stating your goals this way will bring them about more quickly.

This has so much to do with affirmations and the Law of Attraction. Using positive statements is like opening a spigot. The “water” or positive energy available to achieve goals comes rushing to you. By stating your desires in a negative format is likened to closing the spigot and losing any help from the Universe to achieve anything.

Affirmations are far more successful when stating your intent in positive terms. Your mind, guides and soul respond in kind and bring about your desired changes. Also stating goals as if they have already been attained is a good way to express yourself. “I have lost weight,” “I found love,” and “I have more income.”

The Law of Attraction also responds to upbeat and positive statements and using terminology which sounds as if the goal was already attained. It is often referred to as traveling “downstream.” Imagine traveling by canoe. By making positive statements and utilizing God’s Light, you will travel downstream to reach your goals. It is easier and quicker. By using negative statements and asking for damaging or counter-productive means to reach goals is like traveling by canoe “upstream.” It is dramatically more difficult and attaining goals rarely happens.

You may not entirely accept this notion immediately. That is ok. We offer you our best effort to keep you growing and in the Light. It may be helpful to test this premise. In order to make any result come about you must have faith. If you truly believe in your stated desire from the Universe try both ways of asking for it. Ask for a pleasant surprise on your way home from work. Use as many days as necessary to honestly say you received this wish. Then, ask for your trip home from work to not be so crappy. Again try for as many days as you feel necessary to receive it. Keep an open mind. Do your best to accept what a pleasant surprise may be. It may be a beautiful child carrying flowers, a bird playing in water or another commuter being genuinely nice.

The act of stating things in the positive sets a light and playful tone. Your mood is already brighter and more hopeful. It feels more like something to celebrate. This difference is seen by these two statements. “I have lost weight,” and “I will stop overeating.” The first statement sounds upbeat and successful. The second statement causes you to focus on overeating which brings your attention to something negative. You feel hopeless all over again.

By using affirmations and the Law of Attraction you will find more success in life. You will see that goals and events seem more positive and pleasant. You’ll learn to refrain from using negative or disparaging statements. Others around you may even notice. You have good things to say and a positive, friendly attitude. You make things more fun and help others from bringing negativity to the day.

By flowing with the downstream energy you will have many more beautiful and uplifting moments. You will display a good attitude and show others how easy it is to appreciate the beauty in life. The spigot of God’s love will flow freely and abundantly. When that energy flow constricts, it is time to regain the hope, joy and prosperity of being open to God again.

This is very literal. Make a list of goals using positive, goal-attained statements. Keep your movement in the Universe “downstream.” And… be “that person” who is always up for a celebration and is able to see the wonder and beauty in life.

Being positive attracts positives. Being hopeful attracts hope. Being loving brings love. Feeling successful brings you true success! This is the way God has intended your life to be. Answer any insecurity only with God’s Light. Keep chopping away at that list of goals! We’re workin’ here!

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