You Be the Judge: 10 Things

Let us look at the current state of your lives. We have seen many circumstances and events turn out for the better. We have also seen some events turn out horribly wrong. What is the current state of your life? Are your circumstances better now than they were a year ago today? Or, are they worse?

1. We see a marked increase in your faith and the belief that spiritual and energy healing is a good and effective way of healing.
2. We also see that you are more open to spirit. You have done a lot of work resisting the idea that every spirit visitor is a bad, scary thing. You have come to realize that your loved ones and guides make visits to your side more often than ghosts.
3. You have also realized that drugs and alcohol are a negative influence upon your life and your personal energy. It may take some more time to refrain from using these substances but at least you are more aware.
4. You have made more attempts to contact your spirit guides and your departed loved ones.
5. You have opened the lines of communication with your guide(s) and anxiously await further direction regarding this topic.
6. You released a small amount of the need to control everything in your life. This is also at the beginning stages in your life but at least your awareness has improved.
7. Healing involves western and traditional medicine. You are more open to the idea of energy healing and many more doors will also open to you in this regard.
8. You have realized that you don’t always have to be right. Congratulations.
9. There are one or many higher powers that have an influence upon your current life. Broadening your scope of spiritual helpers has made a huge influence upon your openness and ability to heal.
10. God comes to you in many forms. You have a main spirit guide, Archangel, angel and departed loved ones who are interested in your progress and expansion. You are not alone and never were. Your communication with them may still be limited by your lack of experience but progress is being made.

Your soul expands just by being exposed to the ideas of faith, good health and healing. You have begun to release your need to control everything in your life and ALLOW the Universe to function as designed.

If you are on your path, good things flow to you gracefully. If you have left your path, events become more difficult and challenging.

FAITH is as important as belief in God. It is faith that allows you to release your ego and follow the Light to absolution and manifestation. The more beautiful and emotionally powerful your life is, the more success and expansion will flow to you. When you have lost or at least questioned your faith, the glory also goes away.

It may seem like a simple step to BELIEVE and have FAITH in God but this is often at the base of your disconnect with God. You may not consciously realize that you stepped away from faith. You may look in many directions for reasons why you’ve felt removed from God, but it is very often from within you.

Making a daily routine of prayer, meditation, being grounded, centered, cleansed and cleared will keep your connection to the Divine. Your adherence to your path will receive daily correction and maintenance.

God follows your path and success. He loves each of you as He loves Himself. We are an intricate series of connections and you receive all of the strength, power and guidance that you need. Through these blog posts we will continue to work toward your ascension and expansion.

Our success, together with you, creates everything that is positive, hopeful and loving. We are ONE. God sees us and accepts us as ONE. Release your need to be separate from all Creation. It is this disconnect that holds back your progress and causes you to feel alone.

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