Past Life Memories

This is the last installment of past life issues that we will discuss at this time. For all of the many memories that you may have from your many incarnations, the most problematic are of trauma, tragic death, terminal illnesses, and heartbreak. In this life these are also the most troubling of circumstances that you are up against as well.

As with your soul fracturing due to trauma you may also have a memory of that trauma as well. Not only did you lose a part of yourself but you carried this imprint into your future lives. Again it may be the death of a child. You carry this memory of losing a child and then it makes conception difficult in this lifetime. You have associated child-bearing with devastation. Or, you passed from a heart attack while driving. Then, in this life, you have an irrational fear of driving. You may have been abandoned as a child in a previous life. Now, in this life, you mistrust your parents. You have a difficult time establishing an emotional bond with them. Neither you or your parents will be aware of your past life issue. I’m sure you may imagine all the different possibilities that may exist regarding, health, relationships, poverty, wealth, violence, abuse, religious persecution, causes of death…

Releasing these past memories will help to relieve inner turmoil that you may not even be aware exists. Imagine all af the traumatic memories you have in this life then multiply by 20. It is far more likely that you have had more than 20 lives but we use this number for reference. That is a lot of useless baggage.

In your past lives each test, trial, stressful event or trauma has a lesson to teach you. Once you have learned the lesson, the corresponding memory no longer serves a purpose. You have already banked the lesson in your soul.

Start as we have done recently in the meditative exercises. When you have reached that deep meditative state, ask for God, Jesus… any positive deity you wish, to release all of your past life memories. Remember to give them permission. Ask to be cleansed and cleared of all blocks and barriers in this life that have originated from past lives. Ask for this release in “all directions of time.” Fill yourself up with White Light and surround yourself in this same Light. Ask for Divine protection as your reemerge from your meditation.

As with any task there is a wealth of information in books, on the internet and from spiritual advisors. We wish to give you a starting point and then lead you to more resources and support from different areas of your own life.

You may also seek a provider who offers past life regression. If this is a particular area of interest this may benefit you greatly.

As always, be grounded, centered, protected and open to God and spirit.

The goals are to clear your being of anything that will impede your ascension. You will not reach your higher self if you are harboring disruptive issues from your past lives. This is our beginning together. We will walk with you and guide you to that Stairway to Heaven. Trust in us and believe in our purpose. We love you and honor you. Your success is our success as well.

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