Vows in Past Lives

We have much to do regarding your past life memories and any possible vows that you may have taken. It is very common for us to take various vows in life. We may vow to remain celibate, be poor, give too much of ourselves which results in serious deficits in self-care, work tirelessly without adequate compensation or recognition, to be a starving artist, to give our love and devotion to others without receiving any in return, to heal others and not seek healing for ourselves…

These vows may seem foreign to us now but in our past lives it may have been expected and encouraged. Women were expected to give more of themselves than what was prudent. Ladies were expected to show blind devotion to their father then husband, their male children and their church. Men were expected to care for their families which may include their own parents and siblings as well as their wife and children. Little flexibility was involved. And, if at all possible, men were expected to provide financial stability to the next generation, or more.

Vows of celibacy included priests, other religious leaders and widows. Even a young female child may have unknowingly made a vow of celibacy and then did not know to reverse it in order to be married and bear children.

Vows of poverty were very common. There may have been many reasons to make these vows but then no one actually thought to reverse them later in that life or in subsequent lives.

We may have residual vows that are blocking some of our most desired and basic needs. One way to release them is done as a meditation exercise. There are guided meditations which are very specific to releasing any vows from past lives. Find one that resonates with you and perform the exercise more than once. As with any healing, it requires working through layers of residual problems.

As we did yesterday, we may also perform the same meditative exercise and ask God, Jesus, Archangels, angels, spirit guides and loved ones to remove any past vows from all of our lives “in all direction of time.” Remember to give your helpers permission.

Allow them plenty of time to complete this task. Complete the meditation by filling yourself up with White Light, surrounding yourself in White Light and asking for continued protection. Being grounded, centered, cleansed and cleared will help this procedure to make a lasting impact on your life.

More may be done. Some people gravitate toward past life regression. It is possible to seek help in this area and more closely review in what life you made a vow and why. Proceed in any way you would like. It is also recommended that you come back to these exercises again in the future. As we mature and expand we encounter many more instances of past life interference.

We have all made some astounding advances in the spirituality and faith that we have in this life. It was a process which may have required several lives to achieve. It makes perfect sense that in a past life when we were less evolved, we may have made vows to substances, crime, vengeance, selfishness, adultery, atheism, being childless or many more. Now that we accept our Divinity, we must also release any commitments or vows that are not “of God.”

This is another momentous step toward our own self-actualization. You are PERFECT and yet not quite done with your journey. The best news is that WE are here to guide you and bring you to the Temple of God. This time IS our glory and we want nothing more than you being complete and whole. Vows have no place in your God-centered life.

You do not have to vow your life to God or your family or performing God’s Will. Simply BEING “of God” will take care of all of that.

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