Who, What, When, Where?

Many advances in spiritual behavior are occurring. We are growing despite many years of unhappy or dysfunctional behavior. We are wondering why?

Maturity has a lot to do with why life gets easier as we grow. As youth we are impulsive, reckless and we push back against authority. When we grow older we begin to see that maybe we do need advice or direction. Perhaps we don’t know everything after all.

Hopefully, we learn from our missteps or mistakes. We may begin to listen to our elders or perhaps some spiritual leaders. We read books and attend classes. Our intended learning is interspersed with incidental learning. In other words, we attend a chemistry class but then learn about group dynamics, alpha males/females, romantic crushes, being responsible enough to complete the work and the course.

The incidental learning is important. We learn to follow role models or be role models. We watch others and make conclusions about their behavior and how successful their actions are. We may try similar actions or realize that others have made mistakes so we instead take more successful actions. Without this incidental learning we would not mature at a rate quick enough to reach our spiritual maturation in time to complete more learning for this earth-life. We would be hopelessly behind.

Being open-minded also helps learning. In youth we already know everything! We don’t really but we approach life in this manner. To accept direction is to accept that we don’t have all of the answers. A wise, mature adult likely is very open-minded.There are options to what we already know. Even now, we still have much to learn.

There are changes coming in health care, cancer treatment, immunizations, banking, travel, western medicine/traditional medicine, politics, global warming, the NSA, retirement, Social Security… If we are not open-minded we will lose the best options to improve our own lives!

Who is learning new things? We are.
What are we learning? Spiritual growth and expansion.
When are we learning? Continuously.
Where are we learning? Everywhere. In our hearts, our minds, our soul, our personal life, our work life, being a leader, being a follower, at the beginning of life and at the end of life.

As you remain aligned with God your knowledge and experience continue to grow. When you feel down and sluggish, you have stepped out of alignment. It is truly that simple. When you no longer feel connected to spirit, it is you that has wandered too far away. It is never them. Recognizing this will have an immense impact upon your growth and maturity.

Step back into the vortex and regain your spiritual stability. New information is coming very fast!

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