God Willing…

God willing we will rise another day to overcome our struggles and make a positive impact upon our universe. We have lost our way time and time again but we seem to want to find our way back also. What happens when we wander too far off of our path? We lose our connection to spirit.

Anger, sadness, sorrow, depression, vengeance, and greed may lure us away from the path that is our divine guidance. We become consumed by many negative emotions and allow ourselves to get further away from our true selves.

Ego is a terrible option that we take all too often. This is when we feel justified that we are ENTITLED to our anger, sorrow, depression, vengeance and greed. “I am right. This situation is this_____ and that_____.” We lose our perspective.

Your path is nothing without perspective. Why do we feel that we are able to make decisions for others. He can’t love her, he shouldn’t buy that, we can’t go here or there, they are against us and we have to stick together… When do you realize that you have overstepped your boundaries? Possibly never.

The wise and objective people in your life will try to explain that the only person that you can control is yourself. Nod yes…but don’t take it to heart and certainly don’t allow it to curtail your need for control.

That makes sense for everyone else and in every other instance, but not now.

No. It does matter to you, in this instance, for these reasons, and because others have their own destiny to tend to. You cannot learn every lesson for everyone. You can’t tell someone what to do and why and expect them to follow through. That is unless you do have that much control over them! Then that’s another story.

Step back and take heed. How have your emotions overridden all else? Is this your place or have you gotten a little carried away?

It is probably one of the most difficult things to allow someone else the time and patience to learn things for themselves. Maybe they are in the wrong job, in the wrong relationship, friendly with the wrong people … but that is their own decision.

ALLOW yourself to release any need for control and ALLOW the people you love to find their own way and make their own mistakes. Give awesome advice and be a good friend. Resist the need to say, “I told you so.”

God willing we all find our way past negative emotions and behavior. God willing we came back to our center and released our need to control the outcomes of other people’s lives. God willing we fulfil our destiny. God willing we walk beside our loved ones as they fulfil their destiny.

What happens when we INSIST that someone make changes to their lives that you believe they need to make? You hurt their feelings. You alienate them. You make it so that they will resist telling you the truth just to avoid your anger and demands.

Is this what you would call a close relationship or have you unknowingly pushed someone away? Find your center. Release your extreme emotions. Understand the boundaries between emotionally healthy adults. Stay beside the one you love and understand that they are unable to make the changes that YOU see they need to make in their lives.

You have wandered too far away from your divine connection if you feel compelled to force someone into decisions that are not yours to make.

Letting go is difficult especially if you have been overly involved already. Remember that people may choose their own lover, their own spouse, their own job, their own goals, their own level of fitness… Forcing someone to meet your needs will never result in true happiness or fulfilment. You’ll spend all of your time hiding from the truth and leaving your own chart incomplete.

Some people are meant to be with you for a lifetime, others are just passing through. Release your need to control everyone you have any type of relationship with and you will receive the benefit from them that God intended. Some people teach you by showing up. Some people teach you by leaving. God willing that you allow them to follow their own path and not force them to comply with yours.

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