Some Medical Concerns

Hello again! The next topic we will discuss is the strange and virulent viruses and illnesses. Right now there is a lot of concern about the brain-eating amoeba. There are so many real life concerns for you to focus upon but for some reason this one strikes fear into some of you.

You have very little to be concerned about. The only time you would need to do some research into this illness is if you live in an area in which people have already contracted the disease. There have been a few different minimal outbreaks so a little internet research will go a long way in bringing about some rational information.

Wash your hands often. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth if you haven’t been able to wash your hands in a while. Always avoid people who are coughing, have runny noses or appear ill. Common sense is all you need. Please do your best to avoid overreacting.

Another concern is the flesh-eating virus. Again, you are only minimally at risk if you live in an area where people have contracted this illness. The same hand washing and cleanliness suggestions also apply here.

Autism is a large area to review and we will discuss this at a later date. We will tell you that advances are being made in the diagnosis of autism and this will have a tremendous impact upon children and parents/guardians. Many children are often misdiagnosed, so this breakthrough will go a long way in allowing parents to relax and accept a diagnosis of lesser illness or disorder.
The other news is that treatment of true autism and these other spectrum disorders is a long way off. Perhaps 2 to 10 years. But when new treatment modalities are established there will be dramatic improvement in the lives of patients and their families.
Currently autism sufferers are actually existing in an alternate plane right here alongside of us. This explains why they seem to be cognizant of what we are doing and yet detached from us. As we have said we will discuss this array of disorders very soon.

Hand sanitizers are creating more of a problem then what their benefits are. Actual hand washing is much better. We seem to be creating resistive strains of bacteria and viruses by constant sanitizing. More caution may be placed upon times when sanitizing is necessary and when it isn’t. In fewer instances where hand washing has not occurred then sanitizers would be recommended. Otherwise, back off a bit.
If you are in your own home and no one is ill and you are not preparing raw meat or using the bathroom, hand washing is best.
This habit is going to die hard and we know that. We will go on the record and start our campaign against widespread hand sanitizer use at this time.

Immunizations are not without their problems. However, this population is better prepared for staving off wide spread diseases by following through with recommended immunizations. This is another hot topic and we know we are up against some very well educated and passionate people. We will discuss this in greater detail but we will go as far to say that there are problems with immunizations but it is far less troublesome than not doing so.
The diseases that are warded off with immunizations are quickly spreading and debilitating. Changes occur to the bacteria and viruses very quickly and treating outbreaks becomes more difficult as the length of the outbreak continues.

Please keep an open mind and of course, tell us your thoughts, fears and concerns. We are here to serve you and the more accurate information we are able to give you, the better your quality of life.

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