The Gift That Keeps Giving

We have made a definite connection with you and we value your attention very much. We wish to fulfil your every desire in regards to your spiritual development. When you speak with us in your quiet moments, please share what you believe you need from us. We will always listen.

At this time people are most concern about your American government. You question the honor of the people who are your elected officials. You also question the safety of your privacy and feel vulnerable to outside snooping and interference.

What we can say is that this eavesdropping and rifling through your personal information is not new. This has been happening for many years. For the most part you have not noticed any serious threat to your safety. It appears that the individuals targeted are truly terrorist risks or people involved in criminal activity. These involve homegrown members of racist groups, drug or crime gangs, organized crime groups, white-collar fraud groups, child porn enthusiasts, medicare fraudsters… The government also tracks crime organizations from abroad to identify people in this country that they may be contacting. The largest focus of course is terrorism.

In actuality, many terrorist groups and individuals were singled out prior to any act of destruction. We often don’t hear of every incident because that too is being kept private.

Your assumption is that the government secrecy is for nefarious purposes. The truth for the most part is that they don’t you to be unduly afraid. If you knew and understood every threat to your safety there would be mass hysteria. Their reasoning may be a bit short-sighted but it has been fairly effective thus far.

Then, there are the truly negative and covert operations that very few people are aware of. They do manipulate existing situations, coerce individuals, assassinate government leaders, spy, use black mail or make pay-offs, entrap people, and orchestrate a multitude of differing situations.

If you are minding your own business and not involved in any criminal activity, the government will likely refrain from viewing any data regarding you.

Government was originally set up to make life easier. The intent was for your rights to be protected and for you to enjoy many personal freedoms not afforded by the other countries from which you migrated from. The intent has surely been prejudiced. Are you ok? Likely. Do you have more freedom and personal protection than other countries? Definitely!

Immigration happens for some very valid and specific reasons. Your family and their family before them decided that this was the best option for freedom, prosperity and fulfilment. Very few people migrate out of the United States!

We honor your life. We understand your questions and need for information. We will do our absolute best to provide this to you.

We love you dearly and wish to strengthen our relationship. Ask what your heart desires and we will give you what you need.

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