The Pool of Desire

We are a collective of souls. We have been related in many ways throughout our lives. One thing that this lends to is a collective of energy that we have all donated to. When you hear of people talking about the VORTEX, this is what it is essentially.

We have contributed to this Karma account over many lives and events. We have added more joy and triumph on top of the good energy that was already there. What are the possibilities of uses that we may use this energy store for? It is indefinite.

We will not impact others when we seek a payout from this pool. Some people resist asking for love, prosperity, joy and success because we feel we will somehow affect the blessings that others may recieve. Or, we are not worthy but others are. This is wholly inaccurate. There is plenty of good energy for everyone, many times over. You have donated your share and will never hope to remove the same amount that you put into it. It is impossible. You have accumulated more than you will ever need and using it is encouraged and advised.

Yes it is a vortex. It is a swirling mass of emotion and positive energy that each of us may access at any time. We are capable of placing others in that vortex of divine blessings as well.

We access it by meditating. We continually prompt you to meditate and be able to gain and maintain mild, moderate or deep levels of subconciousness for very wonderful reasons. This is how we communicate with you, download some extra learning and higher levels of existence to you, heal you, allow you to ask for healing of others, communicate with departed spirit, and align you with Source.

Keep practicing because it only gets better. We will be able to impart to you feelings of calm, peace, value, and Oneness. We will also be able to answer your questions and give you guidance. Connecting with your soul will bring about a burst of divinity and allow you to “know” your path. Clarity comes with reaching deep levels of meditation.

A vortex is widely discussed in other realms of faith-based teachings. For us it would serve to describe it as a funnel of swirling energy. It blends the purest White Light, deep amethyst purple and stunning cobalt blue. It seems to glow from within. You envision this tempest in your mind’s eye and you will feel drawn to it. There is nothing to fear. There may be bursts of different colors so please don’t worry. It is natural to step inside of it. You will feel a gentle puff of air and not the torrent that you may have expected. We wish to energize you, not blow your socks off!

Now is the time to “release.” Lose your illusion of control and allow your ego needs and fears to be swept away.

Hold no blocks or barriers. No harm will come to you. This is the funnel of God’s gift to you. Stay within it as long as you wish. You will sense no tension or hurry to get back to stress or worry.

You will embody love. You will sense the embrace of God and understand your life purpose and exactly where your path is. Contentment is a good description. Content, safe and secure.

Please do not hesitate to go back to the vortex. This is a natural and intended aspect to your earth life. Our cultures knew this once but we have lost our direction along the way. It is possible to bring along your loved ones. You don’t need their permission because you aren’t manipulating them or gathering unfair knowledge about their lives. You are merely blessing them. Yes, you may also bring your pets.

This is but another step in our effort to bring you back to the Kingdom of God. There are many more things that we have lost sight of along the way. We will share these with you soon.

Please remember that you are loved and cherished by each of your guides. We long to connect with you again and continue along our path toward spiritual enlightenment. Ask for what you need. Pray for yourself and others. Be grounded and centered. Meditate regularly. Express your belief, love and appreciation for God. Simple!

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