Love That Binds Our Souls

We are ONE. We have been cut from the same cloth and we have existed for exactly the same amount of time. Some of us have chosen a few incarnations and others have selected a great many more. The number matters not. What is important is the amount of learning and progression that we made in order to assimilate back into the energy of God.

There are many levels of human creation. We all have a place in the continuum. Some of us are plumbers, doctors, poets, healers and prophets.

It may make sense to begin at the lowest level of creation and work your way up to the top-level. This is not always so. We have a need for all types of existence. You may have started at the lower level and worked your way up. Then, at some point you decided where your interest lies and returned to that level to live out some portion of eternity, Or, you may have begun at a lower level and worked your way up but found where your love and creativity resonates with the tasks and function of a certain level. You then chose to remain there. Either way is fine. No one judges.

Now, to complicate matters there are various aspects of darkness and negativity. At any point in your ascension you may be halted or at least slowed by some troubling aspect of life. This is ok too. What matters most to God is that you have gone through these temptations and trials and still found a way to regain your path to ascension.

Maybe you haven’t cleared your life of the darker, more negative things. Perhaps you are dealing with addictions, anger, selfishness, trauma, illness, turmoil… There is always an open door to Divinity, always. You are never left to struggle alone. You have the option of finding God at any time. This is referred to as salvation. You’ve tasted darker times and still found the Light.

Then there is a whole other potential for you to be engrossed in dark and negative behavior. This would be to teach others in your life through adversity. It may seem useless for a loved one to die from a drug overdose or a self-destructive event. Not if that is what this person was charted to do. It is possible that loved ones find a clearer direction toward God because you had shown them an example of wasting a precious life.

There are also purposes for illnesses and injuries. You may be at any level of ascension and still have charted a significant illness or traumatic injury. This is twofold. These times are to teach you to overcome a debilitating condition and find God through all of it. The other is to teach others by experiencing your trauma with you or by losing you to a terminal illness.

Children are great teachers. They may come into life occasionally to provide you with learning and experience alone. This may be heart wrenching. After they have taught you they may then choose to leave this life and you are left to bury a child. Then, of course, this is another lesson. This happens many times in one family system. Children may leave after conception but prior to birth through miscarriage or abortion. Then again, they may teach you what they were charted to and choose to live out their life here.

During our life chart we may schedule intense periods of turmoil, illness or heartbreak at the beginning of life, during middle age or near the end. This may give us some relatively quiet years in order to relax, be happy and be emotionally stable. Rarely do we come here to relax the entire time. This would not lead us anywhere and we would have wasted many opportunities for learning.

The most important lesson is that to ascend in this lifetime we may have to relearn much of what we had already gained in past lives. Earth’s environment is heavy and full of adversity. We have developed many great lessons in past lives but this environment blocks our awareness of them. It is true that children new to life may actually retain much of their past learning. With spiritual progression we may be able to help a child keep their level of ascension and reach far greater heights each time they incarnate. We would be awash with many great philosophers.

What usually happens now is that we come into life and learn as we age. We work through some barriers and turmoil and see that there may be a greater purpose for our existence. We seek spirituality. If we are persistent we weather troubled times and again seek God. At some point through all of our life lessons and gathering of knowledge we may actually regain much of what we had already known prior to incarnating. Then, we begin to ascend again from there.

We may be 20, 46 or 63 when we finally arrive at that point. It sounds exasperating but this is how our life progression works. We would be much further ahead if we retained our knowledge in youth or somehow we assimilated it at any point in life through faith, meditation, past life regression, visiting the Hall of Records, communing with our guides/angels/God…

What pleases us most is that you are already here! We have gathered some powerfully inspirational lessons to provide to you. We hope to open doors by you “releasing” and “allowing.” By finding your center we will be able to transfer many lessons and experiences to you in large quantities. This is our wish.

If you are 20, we are extremely excited to work with you at such an early age! If you are 41, God bless you and welcome. If you are 68, we welcome you with open arms and we honor everything you have experienced. If you are older, then we would likely turn to you for advice!

It is our hope to begin your knowledge by giving you some basic information about why we came to you at this time. You are our hope and our future and we eagerly await blending our souls to fulfill each journey that we are on.

In God’s name, welcome!

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