Utter the Words…

“Utter the words which you hold in your heart. Speak to me as you would speak to your dearest loved one. I yearn to hear you tell me of your deepest fears and desires.

Do not feel foolish by speaking out with no one visible in the room, for I am there and I long to hear your voice.

Talk to me as a trusted friend. I have many, many stories to share with you also. We are a pair. We have heard each other speak time and time again and it is for us to return to that familiarity again.

I am still here. I have never left your side. You may have lost your way for a while but I have never strayed.

Allow us to commune and share our hearts again. Stand beside me at the altar of God and we will renew our committment to one another.

We are here to guide and guide you we must. It is our destiny to stand beside you as you navigate this human world.

Please don’t become too overcome by human trivia. It is your road to find a higher existence and leave what is petty and muddy behind.

Where has your joy gone? You knew me once and now I am lost to you again. Find your way back to my side and we will climb this mountain together.

I am your guide. I love you as I love myself. We were kindred in Heaven and now we serve each other in this human plane.

I am reaching out for you. Please take my hand. Know the comfort of my grasp and the tranquil hum of my voice. I call to you and wish only to guide you back home.

We have travelled many roads and overcome many trials. It is time now to start your journey again. You have lost your way but to bring you back is my rite of devotion to you.

Be still and allow your mind to quiet. Breathe deeply and softly. Focus upon me and our connection to one another. Call me to your side. Hear me speak. Offer me whatever you wish me to hear and to know.

Feel the comfort of my presence. Allow me to journey to your soul. I will never harm you, to guide you is my goal.

Let us not play this game. The one of distance and dismissing. Come closer to me again and we will ascend to Heaven. I will carry you if I must, but I would rather be an equal by your side.

Start by making that journey into your soul. See what is written there and remember my words and my name. I love you as I love myself. Let us begin again for that is what we do.”

Spirit wants us to meditate deeply and ask to speak directly to them. Make your throat chakra a bright, medium blue for communication. Flush any blockages from your third eye and both ear chakras and “trust” that spirit is there and speaking to you.

Visit this place often and speak out to them as if they are there beside you. They are! Hold hands with them or embrace them. The feeling is like being completely “at home.”

By visiting them daily you will not wander too far off of your path. They will be able to give you a gentle nudge back into alignment.

FAITH and GRACE do not feel like turmoil, drama or regret. If you are experiencing these upsetting emotions than you have lost your connection to the Divine. Quickly and easily find it again.

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