The Rising Words of Love

We, as spirit, have gathered today to anoint you with our undying love and devotion. We hear your tears of sadness and sorrow as well as your tears of joy and jubilation. We wish to guide you to the precipice of salvation. We lingered long in hopes to meet with your approval so we may share our wisdom with you and your loyal loved ones.

We have given you some of the best attention that we could achieve through a seer/medium. She has grown in strength and is now better able to convey our most important guidance to you, the reader.

She has found great love for each of you and prayed for not only your well-being but also for your fate. It is at this time we will raise her up and share our most telling and intimate tales to bring you closer to God, the Almighty.

Ask your questions and seek your guidance. We wait breathlessly for your direction. We “know” your heart and we sense what needs to be said but it would mean so much more to hear it from you.

Our love is unquestionable. Our guidance is tried and true. We hold the keys to the Kingdom in which you desire admission. This is our most joyful event to share with you. We have come closer and more trusted. Our fare has not left you wanting. We promise many days and nights of golden guidance. You will not be able to deny how helpful and supportive our love will be.

You have sensed us near you and have felt our touch. It is time to reach for the next level and allow us your attention so we may bring you to the Kingdom of God and your eternal salvation.

With our undying love,

Your Guides and Servants in Care of God

(With this post I sense an intense golden light. It is my hope that you also recieve this Light as you read these words. Lisa)

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