It’s The Wrong Turns That Teach

It is the wrong turns that teach you who you are. We spend much of our life on autopilot. Many decisions have been made so many times that we navigate more out of habit than conscious thought.

We have our routine. We always do this then that. We travel the same highways and have the same conversations. Through this dogma we lose our own creativity and much of our emotions. We become predictable. Many of our closest people may easily guess our reactions to events, our stance on current topics and maybe even finish our sentences.

It is that wrong turn that challenges our minds to reevaluate something new. Are we happy to be faced with a change of our routine? No. It upsets us and we waste as much time lamenting about it as we choose. The unexpected event may be included in our conversations for the rest of the day. Perhaps even mentioned occasionally during that week.

Why are we so content to operate on autopilot? It may not be a conscious choice. At this point it may be an expected wiring of our minds. We have consciously decided to resist noticing anything new.

The challenge would be to make some changes in our routine. Choose a different route one day a week. Try a different restaurant, change your coffee blend, wear a clothing item that would be considered out of character.

What would happen if we lost our ability to be flexible and creative? Are we at risk of living life out of habit instead of making choices and uncharacteristic decisions? Are we capable of seeing a detour as an adventure?

Choosing a spiritual life represents a desire to be open-minded and receptive to the unexpected. We chose to accept that there is God. We also chose to accept His Son, Jesus. We have been open-minded to Angels, Archangels, Saints, and darker beings. Maybe even a Devil and Hell. These are some creative stretches of our imagination, but we have found Faith and have accepted certain “truths.”

The goal would be to keep expanding what we find to be “true.” There are so many more possibilities in our universe. How do we expand our knowledge of other spiritual forces? Is knowing God enough or could we also accept some more obscure beliefs?

This is definitely our own choice. We certainly are more comfortable with mainstream religious beliefs.

A little bit of a stretch may expose you to wonderous events and broadened experiences. Have you known people who astral travel? What about remote healing? Are there alien organizations that affect everyday human life? What about the Illuminati?

Do we have to consider and accept these options? Of course not. Make your own decision. Some broader possibilities may fit very well into your belief system. Others may not.

We ask you to keep an open mind. We may navigate you to some surprising things but our goal would be to soften your defenses and speak to your common sense. There are many things on Earth that are “of God.” You have not heard everything and possibly never will.

Be conscious of taking the road less traveled. Being open-minded and ready for adventure is a good thing. There are many unexpected yet intensely beautiful things you may learn from being somewhere new and unfamiliar. You will walk right by some very spiritual experiences if you live life on autopilot. Look to the right and left as you meet your daily needs. There are some beautiful people that have enlightening things to say. They are on your path but if you have chosen not to look, you will never find them.

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