Making Mud Pies

What are you working on? What have you made recently? What direction has your creativity taken you?

Mud pies are a perfect metaphor. They involve kneading the earth and shaping them with your hands. This is grounding and liberating all rolled into one.

Your connection to Mother Earth is unmistakable. We all have an obligation to sow positive and hopeful seeds within her. She means everything to our existence and we offer her little solace. It is true that many of us worship her and say grace for her temple upon which we stand. Then, there are those who give no thought to appreciating her for all of her wonder. They never lose a moment of ignorance about using her and taking her for granted.

Mud pies link us to our youth. They are representative of a time when we had few cares and each day was full of adventure and surprises. We made mud pies for all of our loved ones. We molded and formed them. We set them out to be appreciated.

They were something that we made with our hands with the joy of family in our hearts. It sounds perfect doesn’t it? A gift from Mother Earth that we made with love. It was messy and imperfect but we felt pure joy as we baked!

Now that we are grown, let us again enjoy kneading great appreciation and love into our Mother. Let us heal and purify her and give this gift to our loved ones and the rest of the world.

Take time each day to honor her and say grace. Without her we do not survive. It is our mantle to heal and protect her. As Light Workers, we owe much of our spiritual gifts to her.

As we appreciate and worship God, so too we must appreciate and worship Mother Earth. The fabric of human life does not exist without either one. God gave us this necessary gift. She is perfect for our needs and her continued existence ultimately depends upon us.

“As above, so below. As within, so without.” We need God and Mother Earth!

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