The Road Less Travelled

“You are on the road less travelled. God has seen fit to include you in the creation of a positive and emotionally healthy universe. You have been given a gift of spiritual advice and direction in which to travel. There are no judgments or false pretences. You will arrive at your destination whenever you get there. Our only goal is to teach and nurture you along the way.”

1. To “know” and become One with God is true bliss and actualization. There are no more “need to knows” and “want to knows.” There is only your perfect existence.

2. There is no “loss.” You exist in a suspension of perfect, true and ultimate “knowing.” The trappings of life are meaningless and pass aside as you ascend closer to your maker.

3. Love no longer refers to “her” or “him.” It transcends all boundaries and anoints every particle of creation. You have no “need” or “desire” to assign love to anyone or anything. LOVE has become a state of being and we no longer assign it any pettiness.

4. “Challenge” has no meaning. It just “is.” Our existence has outgrown any struggle. To “be” is effortless and pure. It is our natural state and we need not “try” at anything.

5. “Faith” outgrows the boundaries of our being. We absorb into it and exist because of it. We no longer see “us” or “them” for it is all “us,” naturally.

6. The “top” of one thing does not create the “bottom” of another. Life is seamless. It flows and simply exists.

7. “Health” and “sickness” mean nothing. We exist and we transform. We shift from one lesson to another and “good” and “bad” are meaningless. We have no need to define our physical state because we are not separate from God. Words have no meaning and Oneness is our natural state.

8. Relationships have lost their definition. There are no more boundaries and we love all and join all.

9. We need no definitions of who we are. We exist and we love. We each have divine value and we all matter. No one is above another, ever.

10. We ARE God. We have no life outside of God. We exist to serve God. Our existence is “perfect.” There are no words to define this. It just IS.

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