When Milk Turns to Gold

How to turn everyday items into gold!


1. Everyday items such as milk, pillows, tin foil, cat litter…

2. Remove any feelings of lack or need.

3. Express heaping amounts of appreciation and gratitude.

4. Begin in your home and gradually sift in appreciation for everyday items outside of your home.

5. Continue adding generous amounts of joy, love and gratitude into the base mixture.

6. Moisten the misture with the perfect amount of faith.

7. Knead well.

8. Bake until so much appreciation and gratitude dispels all darkness from your conscious and subconscious mind.

9. Enjoy unlimited amounts of servings.

Recipe modification: God will continually provide positive, healthy ingredients to your spiritually charmed life. By thinking only in the positive you will attract only positives.

Ingredients of lack, selfishness, anger, pettiness and retribution will sour the dough and cause negative reactions.

This recipe is but one of the “Rampage of Appreciation” collection. If you notice any negative responses, you must start again and closely follow the directions of keeping postitive only.

(Spirit is feeling playful today!- Lisa)

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