Your Spirit Guide Says…

Many of you are eager to learn more about connecting to your spirit guides. This is great. There are many levels of opportunities in which to invest your time. It would be good to start where you are most familiar and comfortable.

1. The best route is through meditation. Practice daily and become proficient at reaching at least a moderate meditative state. Remain grounded and ask to meet your guide. Don’t lose your connection to your meditative state! We tend to get excited when we actually meet who we ask to meet.
If it is difficult to keep your connection then more practice is needed. Start by seeing and acknowledging them and keep in touch. The better you get, you’ll be able to ask questions and seek advice.
Resist allowing ego to intervene. This is truly a task. Ego will make wild statements and accusations. Someone has cancer. Someone is going to die in a car accident. You have a terminal illness. If anything said causes you fear, then it is NOT your spirit guide.

2. Write them a letter. Tell them all about how your doing and ask for any direction you need. Imagine them reading it because they will. In fact, they’ll be there as you write.
What you are doing is making a conscious attempt at communicating. You do your part and they will do their best to meet you part way. They truly enjoy any contact with you and are waiting for you to try.
The letter is you opening to their channel. It is a mindset and they will know that it is your designated time to communicate with them.

You may write letters to loved ones who have passed as well. Writing is a good way to focus what you are trying to say.

3. Light a candle. Light a white candle and tell the Universe that you would like to speak to your spirit guide(s). Sit quietly and focus on the flame. Envision them coming to you and speaking clearly. Ask them to communicate with you in a manner which will work best.
You may hear them speak or sense them speaking. You may even feel compelled to move your hand as if writing or feeling for inscribed words which you may sense. What you will definitely notice is the energy that surrounds you.
It will feel safe and nurturing. You will feel heard and understood. You may share anything without fear of being mocked or unaccepted. As you strengthen your connection through practice, you will be able to gain more clarity about what is being shared with you.
Blowing the candle out will signify the end of your attempt to communicate with them.

4. Try different colors. Gather some objects and try to get a feel of which colors your guide tends to favor. Start with the colors of your chakras. Each chakra is affiliated with certain body systems and areas of life. Your guide tends to present in the color of the chakra which is most prominent in your life.
Looking up the chakra colors and the areas of the body and life focus which they represent will be a great way to start getting to know your guide.
Sensing which color object feels best is something to try. Pick up the object and decide if it feels saturated in spirit energy. Some colors will feel dull or negative. Sort those out. Other colors will feel bright and happy. Keep working through all of the colors until you find the one that “fits.”
Use this color when you wish to communicate with your guide. Meditate with the color. Open to spirit and accept the emotions that come to you.
Remember, if it is scary, it is not your guide.

5. Look in the mirror. Your guides stand to your side or behind you. Relax and lightly meditate. Focus around the outline of your body. Get a sense of where someone stands. It may also be family members but for now we want to ask for guides. Notice the changes in energy. If a guide is there you will feel some heightened energy like a buzz.
The more you practice, the clearer your connection.
If possible you may wish to envision stepping forward from your physical body and then turning around. As you see yourself standing there you may notice who else is also standing with you. Try to remain calm. If you get too excited you will lose your focus. They are patient and loving. They will NOT walk away in frustration.

You may want to combine some of these approaches. Use your guide’s color and meditate with it. Look in the mirror and envision your guide’s color and speak to them. Light a candle and write them a letter.

Meeting your guide is possible. It may take some practice but it is worth the effort. Imagine meeting the “person” who vowed to walk with you every day of this life. They promised to support you and help you through anything and everything. This “person” may be your best friend (on the Other Side)!

If visiting a psychic resonates with you, ask them to tell you who your guide is and their name if they can. Then your connection will be greatly improved by using their name, their chosen color and gender. It is also possible to receive a message from them and hear helpful ways in which to connect.

It is all about love. God gave you these gentle, wise and loving guides to help you through life. The more you know spirit, the easier life gets. You will no longer have to struggle for answers. Much of our frustration in life is because we are not in contact with our guides. Once you have made a steady connection, don’t forget. If you notice more upset and turmoil, it is time to reconnect to God and your divine guides.

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