Further Expansion

You are beginning to understand the expansiveness of your being. This transition from this one insular life to accepting the broader sequence of earth-lives is a much-needed shift in your perception.

Do you accept that you feel more self-assured when you view life as a portion of a much larger journey? This is where we want to bring you. If you are able to think in terms of existing an eternity, we will have much greater luck in teaching you what we want you to know.

If you make a habit out of releasing your need to control, the lessons arrive more quickly and easily. Your expansion will surprise even you. When you notice your spiritual growth slowing down again, you must realize that you have shifted your thinking again to this one life and your need to have control.

Faith is the single most profound step in your expansion. Trust God to guide you to the lessons and experience that you came here to know. The troubled times are truly not that troubled if you look at it in perspective. Experience, learn, accept, rely on faith, guard against it happening again then teach others from your experience.

Faith helps to remove the emotion from your experiences. If this is truly just one life, each downturn would be devastating. You would feel pain, grieve losses, turn inward to nurse your wounds and slow your subsequent lessons. You would be at the mercy of life’s unpredictability. Having faith and “allowing” your life’s journey would dissolve any perception of loss or unpredictability. You would realize the need for any and all of life’s lessons and there would be no devastation but only growth and understanding.

This ease of living is possible with faith. Your unintended resistance will fade and life will flow with grace and beauty. Even the more difficult lessons will flow. Your perception of life will expand and everything will make perfect sense!

Let us travel this road together, just as we had agreed. We will help you to navigate this life and we are certain that shifting your thinking toward faith will have the greatest impact upon how spiritually successful you may be.

Some of your darkest times are only dark because of your fear and the feeling that you lack of control. God never intended to scare you. Your fear is earth-based negativity and darkness alone. If we were to live life as if we were in Heaven surrounded by God’s love and understanding, these simple lessons would lose any negative impact upon you.

Allow love, faith, understanding, acceptance and knowledge through experience. This is the way life was intended to be lived. Fear, anger and darkness have no place in our world. Your expansion is our goal, together. We will never leave your side. Your faith will keep us in constant contact and fear will lose it’s grip upon you.

We desire that your faith in yourself becomes as immense as our faith in you!

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